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Having a dog isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Don’t worry though – we’re here to help!

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Expert dog behavior advice, from real experts (not TV celebrities)

The sad truth is that most dog training advice online is written by uncertified “trainers” or freelance writers — not professional dog experts.

We know that when owners in need look for help dealing with their pup’s behavior issues, they need information they can trust.

That’s why Journey Dog is committed to providing dog behavior insights from real, certified professionals who use the latest scientifically-backed strategies — not magic mumbo jumbo.

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Got training questions? We have answers!

Between our e-books, online courses, and articles, chances are we’ve seen your puppy problem before — and have the answers you need!

Free Resources

We believe everyone should have access to good dog training advice — that’s why we have a vast collection of articles, podcast episodes, and training guides that all our readers can enjoy for free!

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Training E-Books

Journey Dog offers comprehensive, affordable e-books that cover a range of common canine behavior issues, from crate training to aggression. Read them on your phone or print them out at home!

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Online Training Courses

Don’t have the time or money for private one-on-one dog training? Our self-study online dog training video courses are taught by experts and allow you to progress at your own pace.


Common Dog Training Issues

Dealing with some of these common canine problems? You’re not alone, and we can help!

Dog Aggression

Have a dog who doesn’t get along with strangers, other dogs, or other triggers? We’ll show you how to handle dog aggression safely.

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Excessive Barking

A dog who doesn’t stop barking can be a real headache for the whole neighborhood! Learn why some dogs love making noise and how to encourage alternative activities!

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Separation Anxiety

Have a pup that can’t stand to be alone? We can show you science-backed behaviorist strategies for calming an anxious dog with separation anxiety.

Learn more

Potty Training

No one wants to deal with potty pads and stinky accidents forever! Learn how to make potty training a breeze.

Learn more

Puppy Training

Have a pup and don’t know where to start? We have tons of great resources on how to raise the perfect puppy!

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Obedience Essentials

Sit, stay, lie down — we cover all the basics and more in our obedience and trick guides!

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Our tail-wagging customers

We’ve helped dog owners all over the world resolve some of their biggest dog behavior issues through our e-books, courses, and consultation services.

Dani Summer

Video Course Customer


After watching the first three videos and practicing at home, we’ve already had amazing success walking with a slack leash in empty fields and around the block… Highly recommend for anyone who’s a new dog owner or has a dog that can’t quite master the loose leash. We’ve been trying for three years and this has helped immensely!

Emma Kern

E-Book Customer


This is hands down the most comprehensive crate training guide I’ve seen. It breaks crate training down into small, manageable pieces (17 of them, to be exact) and explains them all in detail… Any questions I had about crate training were covered in this e-book. I highly recommend it!

Zach Edson

E-Book Customer


I think my favorite thing about this book is how readable it is. We’ve read lots of Jean Donaldson books on our dogs, and while they’re useful, they’re very technical. Kayla’s writing aligns with Donaldson’s but elaborates with examples and is clearly written and easy to move through…Right away the strategies and suggestions included in this got us going and our dogs are markedly improving thanks to these interventions.

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