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Teaching a Dog to Play Nicely with Other Dogs

Some dogs just aren't naturally very dog-social. Is there a way to teach your dog how to be polite with other pups so that he can have good canine social interactions? We'll explore the answers!

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Fence Fighting

Have a dog that's constantly running the fence line and barking at the neighbor dogs? It's a nuisance and can feel like you can't enjoy your back yard! We'll help you fix that.

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Growling at Strangers

Is your dog skittish around strangers, even growling when they approach? Discover how to help your dog feel safe around strangers.

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Dog Reactivity

Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs -- or bikes, trash cans, skateboard, and anyone on the street who looks suspicious? Reactivity is a common issue for many dogs, but there are steps you can take to make life easier.

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Resource Guarding

Does your dog growl or bite when you try to take objects or food away? Learn everything you need to know about this common canine conundrum.

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