Start Here to Build Your Personalized Cat Behavior Course

Cut out scheduling and commuting by getting cat behavior from home. Learn to train your own cat under the guidance of a professional cat behavior consultant.

I charge only $30 to $50 per hour and have ridiculously flexible hours to make this as easy as possible for you.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Select the cat behavior course below that most closely describes your cat's problem.
  2. Purchase your first call.
  3. Schedule a time for your cat behavior consultant to call you via phone or video chat.
  4. Get help with your cat's problem behavior.
  5. Repeat as often as you need to complete your personalized cat behavior course.

All cat behavior courses include email support from a professional cat behavior consultant. Pick out a course below and we'll get started!

Aggressive Cat Behavior Course

Get help with your cat that bites, hisses, swats, or growls when you play, pet, or just walk by.

$40 per hour

Stop My Cat's Aggression
Cat Litterbox Solutions Course

Stop cleaning up after your cat and help your cat start using the litterbox again.

$40 per hour

Teach My Cat to Use the Box
Cat & Dog Introductions Course

Introduce your cat and your dog. This course will also help repair broken dog-cat relations.

$50 per hour

Help My Dog & Cat Get Along
Destructive Cat Behavior Course

Save your curtains, furniture, rugs, and more from your destructive cat with this cat behavior course.

$40 per hour

Stop My Cat's Destruction
Scaredy Cat Behavior Course

Help your frightened cat come out of her shell. Ideal for feral kittens, shy adults, and new rescues.

$40 per hour

Boost My Cat's Confidence
Other Cat Behavior Courses

Get help with any other problem behavior (or training goal) that you're facing with your cat.

$40 per hour

Build My Own Course
Kitten & New Cat Start Right Course

Prep your new kitten or rescue cat for a successful life in your home with litterbox training, socialization, basic training, and veterinary prep.

$30 per hour

Start My Kitten Right
Cat Veterinary Prep Course

Teach your cat to comfortably ride in the carrier or car and take the drama out of giving medicine, trimming nails, and cleaning ears.

$30 per hour

Help My Cat Love the Vet
Introducing Two Cats Course

Introducing two cats can be even harder than introducing a dog to a cat. Get help integrating your new cat into your home.

$50 per hour

Help My Cats Get Along

Why You Should NOT Purchase An Online Cat Behavior Course

This isn't online dog behavior for dummies. This is online dog behavior for smart people with no time.

Look elsewhere for help with your cat if:

  • You're lazy. These courses DO require work on your end. The training sessions will be only 10 minutes per day or so, but practice is imperative.
  • You're not interested in learning. We will teach you how to train your own dog but won't be there to hold your hand.
  • You're expecting board-and-train type service. In our online model, you train your own dog. If you are so busy that that's not an option, consider board-and-train for your dog.

I'm not so sure about this. I need more info. I have a few specific questions - can I talk to someone?