Day Training (Missoula Area Only)

$72.89 $48.59

PLEASE NOTE: our timeslots are extremely limited for this service. Please consider booking a remote training session with one of our trainers or book an in-person session with Blue Sky Behavior or Humane Society of Western Montana.

Missoula residents: modify your dog’s unwanted behavior during this pandemic. I will come to your home, pick up your dog from a safe distance, and train your dog while you relax at home. This service meets social distancing guidelines with sanitary practices. Work on your dog’s leash skills, aggression towards other dogs and leash reactivity, and basic manners. After each session, I will send you updates, exercises, and video on your dog’s progress.

This service is only available for leash manners, on-leash reactivity (barking and lunging at others on leash), and other “out and about” type manners. It is not appropriate for dogs that are fearful towards strange people (like me) or for behavior concerns that are related to being indoors. Please book private training for those concerns instead.

This service aims to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines by requiring that we stay 10+ feet apart. In most cases, I will collect your dog from your porch, use my own leash and treats, and sanitize your dog’s collar before leaving again. If you’d prefer, you can join us for the training outing at 10+ feet distance away while I train your dog and teach you how!

Purchase today, and you’ll be emailed a link to book your private behavior consultation. From there, we’ll get to work training your pet together.

Book with Montana’s ONLY Certified Dog Behavior Consultant to get help today.


All dog behavior consultations from Journey Dog Training include:
  • Unlimited email support up to 1 month after the completion of your last appointment.
  • Membership to a private Facebook Group for Journey Dog Training Clients.
  • Each meeting is a one-hour-long training session where your pet is picked up for training
  • Text and video updates on homework and your pet’s progress
  • Book as many or as few meetings as you need.

All Journey Dog Training training and behavior modification recommendations are based on years of experience working with over 30 species in zoos, shelters, and private homes using science-based, effective, and force-free training methods.