$30 Pet Behavior Helpline

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We’re here to help you deal with any behavior problem with your pet. Whether you’re dealing with a dog, cat, or parrot, Journey Training can help through the Pet Behavior Helpline.

Our three follow-up emails will help you clarify any questions after the call. Use the Pet Behavior Helpline to get help with fear, aggression, potty training issues, or destruction from anywhere in the world.

Schedule your call now and you will get:

  1. An email to set up the call using your preferred calling method. We also will send along a detailed form that helps us gather information on your training concerns.
  2. A one-hour phone call via landline, cell phone, or internet phone.
  3. A follow-up email right after the call with notes and homework.
  4. Up to two more emails between you and your trainer where you can ask quick questions and get clarification.

With years of experience training dogs, cats, parrots, hippos, and people, we can work through your questions together. This call can be a one-time call for a quick question or a weekly checkin to get regular training help.


Sometimes you don’t need a full training session – or you might just not know what you need. Our Pet Behavior Helpline can help you with problems big or small. This affordable option is available over the phone from the comfort of your home. The Pet Behavior Helpline includes 3 free followup emails for further questions and advice.

The Pet Behavior Helpline has helped owners like you work with:
  • Cats that won’t use the litterbox
  • Fighting cats
  • Shy cats or cats that constantly hide
  • Hyperactive dogs
  • Biting puppies
  • Puppy potty training issues
  • Biting parrots
  • Screaming parrots
  • Parrots that won’t step up
  • Puppies that chew and destroy things
  • Dogs that bark, lunge, or growl at dogs, people, bikes, or cars on leash
  • Dogs that run away or won’t come when called
  • Cats, dogs, or parrots that don’t get along
Like all Journey Training services, we cater to the individual.

Our highly trained behavior consultants will work with your skills, budget, and timeline to create a comprehensive and kind behavior solution for you and your pet. We don’t neglect species, breed, gender, history, personality, or past training when creating a behavior plan for your pet. Our goal is to create streamlined and realistic training solutions that will fit into your busy life.

At times, we might recommend that you schedule further training, hire an in-person trainer near you, or speak to a veterinarian. Not all issues can be solved via the Pet Behavior Helpline, but we can give you advice to get started even in the most complex cases. We can successfully solve many other issues!


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