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Visit our online training plan page to read more about online training plans, personalized training plans, or Skype Training. Read on below for in-person training in Denver.

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Parrot Training

Fix problem behaviors, work on handling and veterinary preparation, or tackle tricks and talking.

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Online or in-person training for $30-$50 per hour

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Dog Training

Whether it's basic manners, normal annoying dog behavior, or behavior modification, we can help.

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In-person training is $60-$100 per hour. Online training from $30+

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Cat Training

Improve litterbox issues, fear, and aggression by combining training, play and home setup.

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Online or in-person training for $30-$50 per hour.

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Puppy Training - $60/hr

Puppies under 6 months old do best in our puppy class. We'll get your pup started with socialization, leash training, potty training, and basic obedience.
We'll also work to avoid problem behaviors like barking, biting, and digging - or fix them if they've already started.

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Puppies are bundles of joy – and exhausting. Getting your new puppy off on the right paw is the best way to ensure they’ll be great lifelong companions for you.
Private lessons will also help with:

  • Socialization
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Leash manners
  • Bite inhibition
  • Appropriate play
  • Meeting new people and dogs
  • Basic manners (sit, stay, down, come)
  • Basic troubleshooting (barking, chewing, digging)

Basic Obedience - $75/hr

Basic obedience is our most popular service. Personalized training plans will help you get your dog ready for home life, the brewery, work or the mountains.
We cover basic skills and basic problem behaviors.

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Most dogs over 16 weeks (4 months) of age will just need basic obedience. Select this option if you need:

    • Sit, down, stay, come
    • Leash walking
    • Crate training
    • Fetch and other appropriate games
    • Prepping your dog for Colorado hiking
    • Prepping your dog for breweries, festivals, or joining you at work
    • Basic help with barking, digging, or chewing

We can always discuss your personal goals for your dog – our one-on-one format gives us lots of flexibility.

Behavior Modification - $100/hr

Already in over your head with a behavioral problem? We can do that, too! We can work with destructive behaviors, fear, and low-level aggression, among others.
We currently do not work on severe aggression, but can find you a good trainer who does!

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Some dogs need more than the basics. While these dogs may need extended training and even medications to succeed, they’re oh-so worth it. Dogs that need behavior modification may include:

  • Any growling, snapping, or biting at people or dogs
  • Excessive barking at people or dogs
  • Fearful behavior with new situations, people, or dogs
  • Food or object possessiveness (resource guarding)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Destructive behaviors
    Not sure if your dog needs basic obedience or behavior modification? I’ll help you decide.

Ways To Save $

Day Training


less than hourly prices
  • 1 hour of training while you’re away
  • $48/hr for puppies
  • $60/hr for basic manners
  • $80/hr for behavior modification
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Training Packages


less than hourly rates when you buy five lessons
  • buy 5 private training sessions
  • get all 5 for 20% off
  • create long-term training plans
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Need More Info?

Drop me a line and we'll discuss a training plan and scheduling. If you don't know which type of training you need, I can help you decide that as well. I do in-person training in the metro Denver area and provide online training to anyone who needs it.

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