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What is dog training on demand?

This new approach to dog training that allows you to train your
dog at home, at your pace, and for your goals.

Training is a Journey. Start yours today.

Why dog training needs a new approach

Dog training is an outdated industry that relies on rigidly scheduled and understaffed group classes or expensive and hard-to-schedule private lessons.

It’s almost impossible to find local dog trainers with science-based methods who offer affordable and flexible training options.

Instead you’re stuck with big box stores classes, punishment-based trainers, TV personalities whose methods are so dangerous that they require a disclaimer, or an empty wallet and frustrating schedule.

Journey Dog Training will change that. We offer affordable online courses and a suite of personalized dog training classes. Totally remote. 100% on your schedule. Suitable for any budget.

What Journey Dog Training can do for you

There’s no one approach to dog training. We have a variety of sources tailored to your budget and training goals. Our behavior consultant is here to offer a comprehensive solution for any behavior concern facing you and your pet.

  • Remote Behavior Help

    Hop on a call with our professional trainer. It’s like private in-home dog training, without the commute.

  • Personalized Training Plans

    A professional trainer will craft a personalized training plan for you after discussing your needs.

  • Affordable Online Classes

    Deal with common behavior problems via online classes – in your home, at your pace.

  • Cat Coaching

    We don’t stop at dogs – why should you? Deal with aggression, fear, and litterbox issues.

  • Parrot Training

    Improve your relationship with your bird and solve common issues like biting and screaming.

  • Dog Exercise Plans

    The right amount of the right exercise is key to improving behaviors. Get a plan crafted for your life.


Learn more about how dog training on demand can help you enjoy your dog more.

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We Go Way Beyond Dog Training

We’re not just going to put your animal through a “proven system” or a “7-step program.” We look at your animal, home, situation, and goals individually.

This means we don’t forget to think about:

  • Your pet’s genetics, epigenetics, and breeding
  • Your pet’s past socialization, training, and experience
  • Your pet’s diet, outlets, and environment
  • Your experience, time budget, and financial allowance

This all helps us create comprehensive plans that work for you.

We use one or a combination of three approaches:

  • Consulting - For the Busy

    Schedule a call with an animal behavior consultant over the phone to solve basic training issues. Learn more.

  • Coaching - For the Challenging

    Speak to your “coach” on a regular basis or get a comprehensive training plan for your needs. Learn more.

  • Courses - For the Independent

    Take online courses at your own pace to work through common behavior concerns. Learn more.

Meet the Team

Demonstration Dog

Kayla Fratt
Head Trainer

Andrew Ishimaru
Growth Engineer

Case Study: Syndey and Jordan

Jordan contacted Journey Dog Training when she was about to get a new roommate. She admitted that her dog, Sydney, had no manners. Her new roommate was scared of Sydney’s incessant jumping and barking. She signed up for our Excited Greeters Training plan.

After finishing the program, Jordan reports:

  • Sydney politely greets guests and other dogs

  • Sydney now "sits to say please" and is overall much calmer

  • Jordan's roommate is no longer scared of Sydney

  • Jordan understands dog training and behavior, helping her help Sydney

Serious about improving your relationship with your dog?

We’ll do more than help you train your dog. We’ll help you change your environment and enrichment to make your dog’s life better and augment training.

Dog training on demand only works for owners who actually want to see real change.

If you want to improve your dog’s life, we want to help you.

Let’s talk.