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Bobbi and Millie: An Email Subscription Success Story

Bobbi emailed Journey Dog Training to ask about her dog Millie.

Millie bit when she was tired and bit when she wanted something from Bobbi. She whined and barked in the crate. She chased the cats, barked constantly, paced, and destroyed the inside of the house.

Bobbi said, "The [problems are] constant, from waking to sleeping."

Bobbi signed up for one month of email and text support with Kayla, our head trainer. Bobbi's goal: "To be able to love Millie like I loved my other Aussie."

We started small:

  1. Exercise. We came up with an exercise plan that exhausted Millie without overexerting Bobbi.
  2. Lifestyle. We implemented the SMART x 50 training technique to start showing Millie that she can get paid for good behavior.
  3. Training. With Millie's exercise needs being met, we started working on Karen Overall's Relaxation Protocol and teaching Millie to "just be" - alone, in the crate, and quiet.

We're thrilled to report that Millie and Bobbi went from near a breaking point in their relationship to living in harmony together.

"She and I were very much in tune and she was very even in her temperament from morning till night... I was very relieved that I did not have to stop or even address bad behaviors or accept and adapt to them. You have been so helpful.  This was the best week ever with Millie since she came to our house.  The results are where we need to be to get more training and build a stronger relationship between us.  I can tolerate her more and am even able to go out for a second round of exercise in the leash-free pasture each day.  I am very thankful for your help." - Bobbi R., after one week of email support.

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I'm Kayla Fratt, and that handsome fella is Barley. I'm the founder of Journey Dog Training. Along with my wonderful team, I write the blog posts and provide the training services here.

I started Journey Dog Training because I realized that many dog owners don't know where to turn for dog training - so they started with Google. But most dog blogs out there are written by freelance writers, not professional dog trainers.

At the same time, many other owners simply don't live near any good trainers. In fact, I am the only Certified Dog Behavior Consultant in the entire state of Montana. My team spans the US from coast-to-coast and we're ready to provide expert behavior advice remotely anywhere.

That means that thousands of dog owners are getting iffy advice online because they've got nowhere else to turn.

Journey Dog Training fills that need. We offer free resources and affordable expert services to owners, regardless of what their zipcode is.