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What Journey Dog Training can do for you

Our expert pet behavior consultant is here to offer a comprehensive solution for any behavior concern facing you and your pet.

  • Turn naughty dogs, cats, and parrots into model citizens

    Get all of the expertise of a professional animal trainer without the cost, commute, or scheduling hassle of in-home training.

  • Fix aggression, fear, & reactivity.

    Our certified animal behavior consultant can help with your dog’s behavior concerns. She’s experienced with dogs that range from naughty purebred puppies to terrified old shelter dogs.

  • Stop litterbox problems, destruction, and noisy pets.

    Deal with common behavior problems via online classes – in your home, at your pace.


Learn about our experience consulting for animal shelters, helping

aggressive dogs, and training cats, hippos, and parrots.

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Personalized Pet Behavior Help That Works

Your pet does not need a “proven system” or a “7-step program.” Your pet needs a personalized plan that involves your home, pet, and goals individually.

Your Journey Dog Training personal training plan involves considerations for:

  • Your experience, time budget, and financial allowance
  • Your pet’s genetics, epigenetics, and breeding
  • Your pet’s past socialization, training, and experience
  • Your pet’s diet, outlets, and environment

This all helps us create comprehensive plans that work for you.

Benefits of Remote Pet Behavior Help

  • 1/3 the cost of professional in-home pet training
  • Access a professional trainer from anywhere in the world
  • Gas and time savings because no one has to commute
  • More flexible scheduling¬†and expanded hours
  • Fearful or aggressive animals don't have to come in contact with a strange trainer

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What is pet behavior help on demand?

We offer over the phone pet behavior help for dogs, cats, and parrots.

Get easy-to-follow and immediately effective animal training solutions today.

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Get $100/hr of Expertise for $30/hr

I used to charge $100 per hour to come to your home and train your pet. Now I charge $30 per hour to give you the same expertise from anywhere in the world.

You need help with your pet’s behavior problems now. You don’t have time to work a second job so you can afford animal training.

With Journey Dog Training, you’ll get fast and effective pet behavior help without paying thousands of dollars.

With Journey Dog Training, you get to bring an expert animal behavior consultant into your living room.



Learn more about what a $30 pet behavior help call can do for you.

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Choose the IAABC-certified pet behavior expert who’s been interviewed for:

WireCutter: How to Prepare Your Dogs for Winter

PetMD: How To Train Deaf Dogs


Case Study: Syndey and Jordan

Jordan contacted Journey Dog Training when she was about to get a new roommate. She admitted that her dog, Sydney, had no manners. Her new roommate was scared of Sydney’s incessant jumping and barking.

After finishing with our pet behavior help calls, Jordan reports:

  • Sydney politely greets guests and other dogs

  • Sydney now "sits to say please" and is overall much calmer

  • Jordan's roommate is no longer scared of Sydney

  • Jordan understands dog training and behavior, helping her help Sydney