Dog Training E-Courses

Don’t have time or money to hire an in-house trainer? We get it — hiring a professional dog trainer or behaviorist can cost big bucks, and it can tough to make the scheduling work.

That’s why we’ve developed our very own expert-led online courses covering some of the most common canine concerns. We’ve designed these courses to be easy to follow along as well as affordable. Best of all, once you sign up, you’ll always have access to the course, so you can follow along on a timeline that works for you!

Online Courses

Step-by-step online courses for dog training success

kids with a dog

Kids Safe & Dogs Happy

For families with dogs and kiddos

Are you concerned about the way your kids are interacting with your dog? Want to prevent bites or growls before they happen? This course is for you!

Kids aren’t always the best at reading subtle social cues — especially when it comes to their four-legged fuzzy pals. Learn how to evaluate and asses your dog’s threshold and tolerance for kiddo shenanigans, how to help your dog feel safe and comfortable around sticky handed goblins, and how to teach your children what it means to respect your dog’s right for space and respect.

sad dog looking out window

Left Alone!

For dogs with separation anxiety

Do you have a dog who freaks out when left alone? Does your pup bark, whine, have accidents, or even destroy furniture while you’re out of the house?

The Left Alone! video course will take you through why some dogs develop separation anxiety with step-by-step solutions for how to fix things. This course is run by IAABC-certified behavior expert Erin Jones.

people walking a dog

Loose Leash Walking

For teaching dogs to walk nicely on leash

Is your pulling pup making walks unbearable? Does it sometimes feel like your dog is trying to dislocate your arm?

In this online instructional video course, you’ll learn how to teach a dog to walk politely while keeping the leash loose for easier, more enjoyable, and stress-free walks!

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