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Barking Drives Everyone Crazy

A dog who is a Barky Mc.Barkerson is a nightmare to deal with. But there's usually a reason for your dog's non-stop noise!

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Barking at Visitors in the Home When

No guests want to be greeted by barks and screams. Learn how to teach your pup that visitors are nothing to screech about.

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Barking at Sounds Around the House

What's that noise over there? It needs to be barked at. And that noise too! Learn the reasoning behind your dog's intense home security patrol.

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Barking in the kennel

It's not unusual for dogs to bark when in a crate or kennel (but it sure is annoying). Learn how to stop crate barking!

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Barking when left alone

Have a pooch who won't stop barking when left alone? The issue is most likely separation anxiety.

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Barking when demanding to play

Your dog wants to play, but maybe you don't. Many dogs may try to convince you otherwise. Learn how to help them play more politely.

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Barking when ignored by other dogs

Being ignored is no fun, and your dog might put up a stink when his friend doesn't feel up for a romp. Here's how to handle it!

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