Obsessions and Fixations

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Dealing With Demanding Dogs

Is your pup a bossy little thing whose demands are starting to feel out of control? We'll discuss how to deal with those demanding doggos!

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Wheel Fixation

Does your pup bark at bicycles, skateboards, scooters, cars, and basically anything with rolling wheels? Let's get to the root of those circular anxieties!

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Herding Fixation

Have a herder who loves herding you, the kiddos, and anyone else he can nip at or push around? The herding instinct can be tough -- here's how to handle it.

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Humping Fixation

Does your dog feel a desperate desire to hump objects, animals, and visitors' legs? Sick of your dog getting kicked out of doggie daycare? Let's discuss how to deal with humping!

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Eating Fixation

Have a dog that tries to eat anything and everything he sets his eyes on, regardless of how edible it is? We'll show you how to work on this dangerous hungry-boy obsession.

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Swimmer Fixation

Is your dog basically an unpaid lifeguard, barking and chasing swimmers all across the pool? Let's discuss why some dogs become big pool party poopers.

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Television Fixation

Does your dog go nuts when the TV turns on? Maybe she barks hysterically at other dogs on screen? We'll dive into why some dogs can't handle the TV.

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