Separation Anxiety

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Left Alone! Solutions for Separation Anxiety

In this online self-study course from certified dog behaviorist Erin Jones, you'll learn why your dog looses their mind when you leave, and how to use behavior modification and environment management to help your dog stay relaxed and comfortable when home alone!

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CBD for Separation Anxiety

Wondering if CBD can really help a dog with separation anxiety? We'll explore this much-debated topic.

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Escape-Proof Crates

Escape-proof crates can contain your dog and prevent destruction when you leave the house -- but there are some major disadvantages you should know about.

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Preventing Separation Anxiety

Looking to prevent separation anxiety before it starts? Here are a few things to do.

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Furbo & Pet Cameras

Learn how Furbo and other pet cameras can hep you better manage and even prevent your dog's separation anxiety.

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