Left Alone! Solving Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety


$120 for the 6-Week Class

What you get:

  • Six week online class about treating separation anxiety in dogs
  • Private Facebook group for discussions, sharing videos, and more
  • Video training demonstration for separation anxiety training posted to the Facebook group.
  • Video training lecture posted to the Facebook group per week.
  • Written lectures emailed to you each week to help you cure your dog’s separation anxiety
  • Written homework and journaling exercises emailed to you every week
  • The ability to ask specific questions (about the material, your training, or your dog) in the Facebook group
  • The ability to post videos of your training to the Facebook group for feedback from me
  • BONUS – we’ll schedule the video lectures and training demos at a time that works for the most students possible so that you can interact with me LIVE as much as possible!


This 6-week class on treating your dog’s separation anxiety will take place over email and a private Facebook group.

This class is meant to set you and your dog up for success, help teach the dog some coping skills, and learn to recognize problems and problem-solve.

Our goal is to help you teach your dog to be alone without anxiety. We’ll cover signs of separation anxiety, treating separation anxiety, medications for canine anxie ty, and more!

The class will run from 3/3/19 to 4/20/19.