Left Alone! Solving Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety


$60 for the 6-Week Class

What you get:

  • Six week online class about treating separation anxiety in dogs
  • Private Facebook group for discussions, sharing videos, and more
  • Video training lectures emailed directly to you.
  • Written lectures emailed to you each week to help you cure your dog’s separation anxiety
  • Written homework and journaling exercises emailed to you every week


This 6-week self-study class on treating your dog’s separation anxiety will take place over email and a private Facebook group.

This class is meant to set you and your dog up for success, help teach the dog some coping skills, and learn to recognize problems and problem-solve.

Our goal is to help you teach your dog to be alone without anxiety. We’ll cover signs of separation anxiety, treating separation anxiety, medications for canine anxiety, and more!