Keeping Kids Safe and Dogs Happy (Online Course)

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Discover the secrets to harmonious living with kids and dogs, guided by an IAABC certified dog behavior consultant!

This expertly designed course will help you understand why your dog behaves as he or she does as you teach your dog how to see kids as joyful companions rather than scary interlopers.

Empower your kids with knowledge and skills to interact safely and joyfully with their furry companions. From understanding your dog’s triggers to reshaping their perception of kids, you’ll gain the tools for a peaceful, loving household.



About the Course: In households where sticky hands and wagging tails co-mingle, there can be tons of joy and fun, but also some major challenges. For a variety of reasons, not all dogs feel comfortable around kiddos — after all, kids are loud, erratic, and kind of scary for a pup!

The good news is that even if your dog is apprehensive around children right now, you can begin TODAY building positive experiences for your dog that will teach him or her that kids are nothing to be scared of, and that they can actually be your dog’s best buddy!

In the “Keeping Kids Safe and Dogs Happy” course, we’ll help you foster a harmonious home through the expert guidance of an IAABC certified dog behavior consultant by implementing pro-trainer safety strategies, management, and counter conditioning techniques.

Why This Course is a Game-Changer:

  • Professional Expertise: Gain knowledge from a seasoned IAABC certified dog behavior consultant, ensuring reliable, effective, and proven strategies.
  • Deep Insights: Delve into the mind of your dog to understand your pup’s triggers, apprehensions, and behavioral patterns.
  • Body Language Mastery: Decode the subtle cues of your dog so that you know when and how to intervene for everyone’s safety.
  • Empower the Little Ones: Equip your kids with safe and respectful ways to interact with their furry family members.
  • Positive Perception Building: Redirect your dog’s view, ensuring they see kids as allies in play rather than sources of stress.

Course Details: This is a self-study course, designed to be completed over a six-week period (but you can complete it at your leisure, on your own schedule). The course includes video and written lectures, quizzes, and homework over a six-week period. Since this is a self-study class, there is no direct interaction with the instructor — but you’re getting recorded lessons from a true seasoned, certified pro!

What You’ll Achieve:

  • A home where both kids and dogs thrive, filled with joy, trust, and understanding.
  • Kids who grow up understanding and loving their furry friends.
  • Dogs that embrace the youthful energy of kids as delightful playmates.

Embark on a Transformative Journey! Foster a space of innocent laughter, playful barks, and cherished memories in your home. Enroll today

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  1. Andrew Ishimaru

    Worth it!

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