Loose Leash Walking Video Course


Do you wish your dog would stop pulling your arm off during walks? This 40-minute mini-course is broken down into 6 easy lessons to help you teach your dog to walk nicely on leash in no time!

When you purchase, you’ll be given access to all 6 videos so you can watch them at your own pace.

This course covers:

  • What equipment will help you best while walking your dog.
  • Basic loose leash walking skills
  • How to deal with the times you just can’t be in “dog trainer mode”
  • How to hold your leash for maximum control
  • 4 different exercises and drills to get your dog walking nicely

Best of all, you can watch the videos as many times as you need!

Please purchase at this link. We’ve changed course platforms and you now must purchase through Thinkific. Trust us, this is easier than the old setup.

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1 review for Loose Leash Walking Video Course

  1. Dani Summer (verified owner)

    After watching the first three videos and practicing at home, we’ve already had amazing success walking with a slack leash in empty fields and around the block. Lots of work to do when walking around other people and dogs but it’s a night and day difference from where we were before these videos. Highly recommend for anyone who’s a new dog owner or has a dog that can’t quite master the loose leash. We’ve been trying for three years and this has helped immensely!!!!!!

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