Loose Leash Walking Video Course

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Tired of being dragged around during walks? Dive into our 40-minute course, split into six engaging videos, teaching you the art and joy of loose leash walking. Discover exercises and games that train your pup for calm, connected strolls.

Walks should be bonding, not battling. Enroll now for harmony on the leash! 🐕🚶‍♂️❤️



Are your pleasant strolls turning into strenuous tug-of-wars? Transform the way you and your dog experience walks with our dedicated course!

Course Features:

  • End the Pull: Dive deep into understanding why dogs pull and how to transform that behavior.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: A structured 40-minute mini-course crafted into six insightful video sections.
  • Essential Equipment: Learn what equipment will help you best maintain control while walking your dog.
  • Engaging Exercises: Discover fun games and exercises that teach your dog the joy of loose leash walking, ensuring they stick by your side, not drag you along.
  • Bonding & Walking: Turn every walk into a cherished bonding moment, appreciating the world around you together.
  • No Aversives, Only Kindness: This course does not require the use of prong or shock collars — instead we’ll be using safe, non-aversive gear like harnesses and leashes.

Don’t let the simple act of walking become a daily ordeal. Walk the way you’ve always dreamed of: side by side, in harmony and joy.

1 review for Loose Leash Walking Video Course

  1. Dani Summer (verified owner)

    After watching the first three videos and practicing at home, we’ve already had amazing success walking with a slack leash in empty fields and around the block. Lots of work to do when walking around other people and dogs but it’s a night and day difference from where we were before these videos. Highly recommend for anyone who’s a new dog owner or has a dog that can’t quite master the loose leash. We’ve been trying for three years and this has helped immensely!!!!!!

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