Stop Your Dog From Jumping: Polite Greetings 101


Do you yearn for a dog that doesn’t jump up, politely greets guests, calmly passes strange dogs, and is generally EASY to live with?

Our 29-page e-book is made for people like you. Written by a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, this book covers how to stop your dog from jumping, how to stop your dog from barking, and how to teach impulse control with games.

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This book covers:

  • The tools you’ll need to stop your dog from jumping
  • How to care for your dog’s physical needs so she’s calmer
  • How to care for your dog’s mental needs so she’s ready to learn
  • Impulse control games
  • How to prevent problems before they start
  • A 15-day protocol for polite greeting behaviors
  • An introduction to clicker training
  • An introduction to teaching your dog to do something INSTEAD OF the unwanted behaviors you’re seeing.

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