Crate Training A to Z

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Are you struggling with or confused about crate training for your dog or puppy? This 21-page e-book is a quick yet thorough introduction to crate training for your new dog.

This book is designed to help you work through basic crate training on your own. See the full outline and chapter list below.

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This book covers:

  • Benefits of Crate Training
  • Crating is a Trained Skill
  • Crate Training Goals
  • Choosing the Right Crate
  • Setting up the Crate Environment for Success
  • Setting Your Dog up for Success
  • Daytime Crate Training
  • Help! My Dog Cries in the Crate
  • Nighttime Crate Training
  • Releasing Your Dog from the Crate
  • Training your dog to Enter the Crate on Cue
  • Reaching Additional Crating Goals
  • Appropriate Use of Crates
  • How to Reduce the Time Your Dog Spends in the Crate
  • Weaning Your Dog off the Crate
  • Common Crate Training Mistakes
  • Crate Training for a Lifetime

2 reviews for Crate Training A to Z

  1. Aiden Berzins

    A very comprehensive guide to crate training. Whether you have adopted a new puppy or already have an older dog this guide will teach you the step-by-step to crate training your dog. No need to have many sleepless nights of your dog crying it out. Start your crate training out force-free and have your dog enjoy being calm and settled in their crate in no time.

  2. Emma Kern (verified owner)

    This is hands down the most comprehensive crate training guide I’ve seen. It breaks crate training down into small, manageable pieces (17 of them, to be exact) and explains them all in detail. It covers some common misconceptions and mistakes, emphasizes force free and positive reinforcement based methods as well as management, and puts the focus on the dog’s well being above all. Any questions I had about crate training were covered in this e-book. I highly recommend it!

    • Kayla Fratt, CDBC (verified owner)

      Thank you!

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