Crate Training A to Z


Are you struggling with or confused about crate training for your dog or puppy? This 21-page e-book is a quick yet thorough introduction to crate training for your new dog.

Co-written by Alisa Healy and Kayla Fratt (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant), this book is designed to help you work through basic crate training on your own.



This book covers:

  • Benefits of Crate Training
  • Crating is a Trained Skill
  • Crate Training Goals
  • Choosing the Right Crate
  • Setting up the Crate Environment for Success
  • Setting Your Dog up for Success
  • Daytime Crate Training
  • Help! My Dog Cries in the Crate
  • Nighttime Crate Training
  • Releasing Your Dog from the Crate
  • Training your dog to Enter the Crate on Cue
  • Reaching Additional Crating Goals
  • Appropriate Use of Crates
  • How to Reduce the Time Your Dog Spends in the Crate
  • Weaning Your Dog off the Crate
  • Common Crate Training Mistakes
  • Crate Training for a Lifetime