Bringing Home Baby: Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby


This 40-minute webinar covers everything you need to know about preparing your dog for your baby’s arrival:

  • Dog body language
  • How to identify stress signals and triggers from your dog
  • How to identify aspects of having a baby that might be tricky for your dog
  • How to create a plan for you, your support team, and your dog
  • Things to keep in mind when creating your training plan
  • Basic behavior recommendations
  • How to ensure your dog can listen even when there’s the chaos and change of a new baby
  • Creating a homecoming plan for after your baby’s birth
  • How to safely manage a dog and a baby while including both in your life
  • How to adjust your plans as your baby grows and your dog ages

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It’s exciting (and sometimes a bit scary) to find out that you’re expecting! This webinar will help you prepare your dog for your baby’s arrival.

This pre-recorded webinar will cover what you need to know and how to prepare. It also includes some handy rhymes to remember useful tips and a bit of myth-busting about common advice.


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