How to Stop Dog Aggression

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Re-socialize and rehabilitate your aggressive dog, stop your dog from biting and snapping, and understand why your dog is aggressive with this thorough and easy-to-follow book.

This 35-page book helps you get started with training your dog not to be aggressive using humane, science-based training techniques that WORK.

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This book will discuss:

  • How to train an aggressive dog
  • The different types of dog aggression:
    • Dog aggression towards people
    • Dog aggression towards other dogs
    • Territorial dog aggression
    • Food aggression in a dog
  • What to do with an aggressive dog to keep everyone safe
  • How to stop a dog from growling at family members
  • Why your dog is aggressive
  • What to do if your dog has bitten someone
  • Whether or not you should rehome or euthanize your aggressive dog
  • Early signs of aggression in your dog’s body language

Inside this book:

  1. Nature vs. nurture: understanding your dog’s aggression
  2. Canine body language for safety
  3. Does my dog need behavioral medication?
  4. A worksheet on your dog’s level of aggression
  5. How to keep everyone safe around your dog starting tonight
  6. Counterconditioning and desensitization to teach your dog not to be upset by things
  7. Teaching your dog an alternative behavior so he’s got a new strategy instead of aggression
  8. 5 steps to take care of your dog and help him/her de-stress
  9. What if we mess up? Dealing with slip-ups with safety and grace.
  10. I can’t take this anymore: what to do if you can’t keep your aggressive dog.

3 reviews for How to Stop Dog Aggression

  1. Lana

    Thank you for this outstanding book! She’s a small dog, viciously attacked several years ago, and her anxiety/aggression has gotten worse over time. I will put it to use with my adult dog who has worsening aggression towards other dogs. I hope this works!

  2. Penny

    This was one of the best (and logical) books I’ve seen on this topic. We have a sweet mix who arrived from Sri Lanka in January of this year. In the foster home, she appeared very socialized with several other dogs. When we got her home, she reacts strongly to any dog she sees (or smells) with growling and barking and lunging. Slow progress. She is acclimated to the two dogs that live in the houses that border ours – she has stopped growling and barking at them. We’re getting there! Thank you!

  3. Zach Edson (verified owner)

    I think my favorite thing about this book is how readable it is. We’ve read lots of Jean Donaldson books on our dogs, and while they’re useful, they’re very technical. Kayla’s writing aligns with Donaldson’s but elaborates with examples and is clearly written and easy to move through. It’s also great as an ebook because she has included helpful hyperlinks as well. Right away the strategies and suggestions included in this got us going and our dogs are markedly improving thanks to these interventions. In our specific situation, we recently adopted a second dog and our first dog had surprising trouble adjusting to her. This book helped us manage their maladaptive behaviors and correct as needed. Thanks Kayla!

    • Kayla Fratt, CDBC

      Wow, this is such high praise. Thank you for your kind words, Zach!

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