How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking at My Neighbor?

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dog barks at neighbors

It’s really no fun to be the neighbor with the barky dog. Yet many people own dogs who bark at the neighbors through the fence – even when the neighbor is minding her own business!

This problem isn’t very complicated, but it can take quite a while to fix. Here’s how to stop your dog from barking at your neighbors.

My dogs bark at the fence at my neighbor anytime she is in her back yard or in her driveway.  How do I get them to stop?

Sincerely, Noisy Neighbor

Stopping your dog from barking is almost never as easy as it sounds – that’s because barking is very natural to dogs.

In fact, up until just a few generations ago, your dog was probably supposed to bark at intruders! Humans used to like dogs that barked.

Dogs are often barkier at home because they’re protecting their territory. The trouble is, your neighbor isn’t an intruder – she’s your neighbor!

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking at the Neighbors

1. Block her vision and sound of the neighbor.

Decorative window film will still let light in, but lets your dog ease up on guard duty. Don’t let her outside to bark when your neighbor is out or likely to come by.

The more your dog “practices” barking at the neighbor, the harder it is to fix the problem!

In many cases, a white noise generator is helpful as well. These tools are especially useful for drowning out the sound of noisy neighbors or apartment neighbors. Fans, music, and TV can also help.

If your dog hangs out by the window or outdoors, patrolling for people to bark at, it’s your job to curb that behavior using preventative tools!

2. Give your dog something better to do. 

Most dogs will happily give up their guard duties if they have a higher purpose in life – like chewing on bully sticks or sniffing out hidden treats!

Just before high-traffic times of day (like when your neighbor comes home from work or when the school bus drops off kids), give your dog one of these trainer-recommended chew toy or puzzle toy.

Most dogs are much happier when they’ve got something to do – they won’t even notice that pesky neighbor!

3. Teach an alternative behavior.

Rather than trying to punish your dog for barking at the neighbors, teach your dog to do something when she sees the neighbors!

I’ve taught my own dog to come and get me when he sees the neighbors – then we play tug for a minute. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Every time you see or hear the neighbors, Dog gets a treat. No matter what – even if she barks.
  2. Do this until your dog no longer barks or fixates on the neighbors – instead, she looks up to you for a treat when she sees the neighbors. You can stop here if you’d like!
  3. Start to only give treats when your dog looks at you in the presence of your neighbors. You can stop here if you’d like – you just taught your dog to look at you in exchange for a treat when she sees the neighbors!
  4. Ask your dog to do another behavior once she reliably looks at you. You can teach your dog to shake, play tug-o-war, or just sit when she sees the neighbors.

Of course, all of this is slightly easier said than done. Most people struggle to teach their dog not to bark at neighbors because they don’t do step 1 properly and try to rush step 3.

If you don’t do a good job of preventing your dog from barking with a white noise generator, window coverings, and smart lawn management, you won’t succeed.

It’s just too natural and instinctive for your dog to bark!

You’ll find the Train Away App helps a lot for teaching your dog to ignore noises.

4. Teach Your Dog the Cue “Enough”

If your dog barks, simply say “enough” in a calm voice, then toss treats on the ground. After a few repetitions, your dog will hear you say “enough” and start looking for treats!

Then you can toss treats to reward your dog for being quiet – and you’ve just taught your dog that “enough” means quiet.

Will A Bark Collar, Whistle, or Sound Egg Stop My Dog From Barking at the Neighbor?

Maybe. But at what cost?

All of these tools stop your dog from barking by punishing your dog from barking. If they weren’t unpleasant for your dog, they wouldn’t work.

The problem is, most dogs bark because they’re excited, aroused, or upset. Each of these tools might stop your dog from barking (because barking hurts, makes the room stink, or produces a scary sound). But they also add stress to your dog’s life.

Imagine you were watching an exciting movie, and every time you reacted to the movie, you were sprayed in the face with citronella. You would quickly get frustrated, upset, or even scared.

Many dogs start to display OTHER behavior problems when their owners use these tools. Instead of barking, they dig at the door, chew on their own paws, or even bite their housemates.

Instead of trying to treat the symptom (barking), treat the problem (showing your dog that neighbors are nothing to bark about).

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  1. My dog is reactive but his fence barking is a result of my neighbours doing things like looking over the fence, yelling, kids doing the same things and theie tenants doing the same and they even started throwing their dog into the mix. They don’t correct things on their end meanwhile I have been correcting and recalling and doing my part. Worst is, my dog isn’t even an outdoor dog and is barely in the yard. They seem to always run into the times I am feeding him or when he is relieving himself. It’s getting really stressful and they aren’t the sort of people I can talk to, they’re really inconsiderate people. When we were on better speaking terms and when I first got my dog I had caught their tenant shaking the fence and making faces at him when he was about 4 months old. I did text them and let them know what happened and that to help me train my dog its best they just ignore his barking if they are passing by…but obviously they stopped caring.

    Their kids and dog get let unattended outside a lot and they only use the yard if the weather is nice. My routine and schedule typically haven’t changed since I got my dog and its been 5 years now and the neighbours get worse and worse every year

    • Shelly, I feel your pain. My neighbors are rarely outside, only during the spring/summer months because I live on a lake. I have tried giving the neighbors a box of dog treats and my 11yr old said she saw the neighbor just throwing them over the fence, kinda defeats the purpose of getting to know the dog. Oh and my dogs are inside dogs, they are maybe out 1-2 hours a day, but only if it’s not too hot as they are heat sensitive. Just recently, I caught my neighbor swinging a shovel at my dog at the fence line and telling her he is going to bash her head in on several occasions. It makes me wonder how long they have been mistreating my dog and now she looks at them as foe not friend. I had to file a restraining order on the neighbor because he started to become a bully not only to my dog, but to my family as well. I am working with her. If I notice she is staring in that direction, I call her name, make her sit then give her a treat. She has been doing better since I started this rewarding process. I also fenced off an area of my yard on the opposite side of my house for my dogs to relieve themselves. Both these things I am trying to implement are taking time, but I think my dogs are smart enough to catch on. Good luck with your neighbors, they can be really crappy!

  2. My 7 month puppy barks at neighbours on one side. They’ve never done anything to him, always been nice. Every time they are in the garden he jumps at fence, barks really loud, fur stands up. He does bark at the other side a little but more playfully,nothing like that. I am 100% sure they have never done anything to him! They are starting to look frightened of him and I don’t know what to do ?

  3. I don’t know if the dogs just merely dislike our neighbors, well for one , they often bring in strangers whenever the dogs are released but I believe that the dogs just respect the presence of our neighbors so they don’t bite their visitor but they still show their irritation by barking aggressively. But Every time they are always barking at our neighbors aggressively, I don’t know if dogs can sense bad people or something because these folks are a bit troublesome .

  4. My dog only barks if something is going on in my neighbor’s yard. She is always inside. I have lived here for 3 yrs. Today they came over and ask me to make her stop barking because they were playing a game in the back yard. My dog cant see them, she can only hear them. And she isn’t aggressive at all. What can I do. Treats dont work cause she is never outside long eno

  5. My neighbor tryies tonteok the dog to be quiet throughbornover the fence no matter how many times I ask or tell him not too and it drives her potty. She’s a rescue and I’m trying really hard to build her confidence at home and don’t want this to become her go to behaviour. Im trying to distract her with other things and doing the enough practice but she just heard him again and becomes inconsolable again and stops listening. We end up going indoors which is the only thing I can find to do to stop her spiralling. I don’t know what to do!

  6. I’m the neighbour that the dog is still barking at. We have patted the dog on numerous occasions and been gentle. But, it was still barking and growling at us even after it knew us for a quite a while. No matter how many times we patted him. Sometimes it wouldn’t bark then the next day it would again and scare me. The neughbours resorted to a bark collar. And today after not being barked at for quite some time, it still barked at me. I think the bark collar was turned off as she didn’t yelp.

    Can I teach the dog not to bark by giving it treats myself? I feel very sorry for the dog. It looks bored most the time with nothing to do in the back yard. It often watches me through the kitchen window or over the fence when we are outside.

    • Hi Angela, that’s a tough situation. I personally might toss treats to help a dog learn to be quiet around me, but that’s risky in case the dog has allergies or your neighbors think you’re interfering. I would ask permission from the neighbors first!

  7. hi, my dog barks at my neighbours when I am at work. She doesnt bark when I am home. My neighbour is distressed and so am I. My dog has kong slow release toys and other toys (and another dog) in the yard. I’m at a loss to know what to do.

    • Would you like to schedule a consult to see if I can help you problem-solve? Just hover over the 1-on-1 training tab on the menu of the site to see your options. I’ve got so many questions and suggestions for you! And be sure you’re using the tips already laid out in this article.

  8. My next door recently acquired a male collie dog. My female pomeranian cries and barks at next doors dog. I feel that she wants to play with him. How can I stop my pomeranian from crying and barking at next doors dog. Also my next door neighbour is having the same problem with her dog. What can we do?

  9. I feel that maybe they want to be closer to eachother. My other two dogs are fine with next doors dog. It’s just my one dog that is crying and barking at next doors dog. What can I do?

  10. This may sound weird or even creepy. I noticed that my neighbour’s dog barks only at me even when I move inside my house which is about 7 meters from the fence line. I did not make the connection at first but because I am keeping a diary of its barking that I can put 2 and 2 together. It barks when I am watering my garden (it is understandable), it barks when I am on my deck (It is still understandable), But it did not bark when tradesmen came around 7am to work on the un-occupied house next door, it only barks when I got out of bed and moved inside my house getting my breakfast ready. More spooky still, after I had my shower yesterday and moved to my spare bedroom to get change, it barks. This is no co-incidents as I observed for a while now. Is it a possibility that they have telescopic equipment to point to my windows of my house and stir up the dog every time there is sigh of life inside? Is there other explanation for this?

    • Hi Tu Bee, I’m sure that they’re not using a telescope to stir up the dog – most dogs are much more focused on sound than vision, so a telescope wouldn’t have that effect anyway. I would guess that this is an example of sensitization – over time, the dog has become more in-tune and sensitive to your movements, rather than learning to ignore them. This is pretty common when training is ignored and left to chance!

  11. my Labrador is nearly 3 and only barks when my female neighbour walks past the fence or when I arrive home from work , I have tried distracting him but he constantly barks, I have been told by another neighbour that my neighbour has yelled at my dog before. I don’t know what to do, I shift work 12 hours 7 on 7 off.

    • Can you ask your neighbor to toss treats to your dog? Treat bombs usually do the trick. You can put up a little sign on your fence and a bucket of treats. If your dog is indoors, you may want to invest in something like a PetTutor to help remotely dispense treats when your dog is upset.

  12. Good afternoon….I too have the problem of my dog (border collie/poodle mix) barking at my neighbors. They don’t even have to be outside! He barks if he sees them in their window….his command to stop is “That’s enough.” He will stop and look at me for a minute and then go right back to barking. Do I just keep repeating that’s enough? Do I treat him every time he stops? He is so stinkin’ smart that I swear he does it on purpose because he knows that when he stops and comes inside he gets a treat! =)

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • Hi Lori! I’d say that’s enough, reward him, and then move him away from the window to distract him with a different “job,” like lying on a bed quietly while you reward him. If he returns to the window or to barking, redirect him again.

  13. Im getting a English Springer Spaniel Show dog. I don’t plan on showing her i just prefer how they look.
    I looking for advise on things i need to do prepare for her. I don’t work so we will be together a lot. Which is a blessing.
    My big concern is potty training. I have a doggy door and my neighbors have little barking dogs.
    Any advise would be appreciated. Has anyone had any luck at Pet Smarts dog training.

  14. Hello… me and my family live in a two story house, however me and my family live on the bottom and we have neighbors on the top. Our dog sandy, is always barking at them, and I’m worried one day she might attack them. She a good dog around me and my family, very loving, and gentle, she just really doesn’t like the updoor neighbors. So I want to know how to fix this, so that neither her or my neighbors get hurt. In addition to that because she doesn’t like the neighbors and they literally live upstairs and their exit from their house is a stairway to the back yard, were my dog is most of the time, we have to keep her tied up or inside and I really hate it because she loves walking around and playing outdoors, but unless we figure out how to teacher her to stop barking at the neighbors and bring her to tolerate/like them, she can’t do that, because we don’t what her to do anything to the neighbors and potentially have her put down because of it.

  15. #4 – “Enough” and throw a treat on the ground away from the barking area, has been great. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop our dog from barking at our neighbor when they’re in their backyards, but at least it can stop him. I would say there is a #5 – arrange with your neighbor that when your dog barks and him/her, you put your dog on a leash and immediately take your dog over there to see what/who that sound is. Then, when the dog knows your neighbor and associates the sounds and smells with the neighbor he knows, he will probably bark less.

  16. my dog barks at my neighbours kids when they play in the lane way or the postie but only when I’m at work.. How am I meant to train her when she doesn’t do it when I’m home? I’ve tried pretending to leave and sneak back in but I can’t guarantee what time the neighbours kids are going to come out to play.

  17. Hmmm… we’ve done the exact training you mentioned but our dogs get bored of the treats, we’ve gotten them better treats but eventually those get old too. I also shouldn’t be giving a dozen treats or more a day, but we have multiple neighbors and at least one household is outside usually at all times during the day. We do have bark collars and they worked for a while but our dogs have decided they don’t care about the negative consequences either, they would just rather bark (batteries are good and the collar works just fine). They come inside when called but eventually want to go back out, and I don’t want to just keep them locked up all the time.

    • Hi Claire, I’d be happy to help more in-depth if you need. It sounds like you’ve tried a few different things and I wonder if we need to tweak a couple other things to get good results. You can book a 15 minute call with us in the link in the menu (under 1 on 1 training).

  18. Hi Kayla, can you explain how these tips apply when the dog is outside?

    Our dog will stand at the end of our fence on high alert (mostly looking for bunnies!!!) but if he sees or hears the neighbor (or a garage door opening, kids, a car, etc.) he will start barking. We don’t leave him outside for long unsupervised (less than 5-10 min usually). Then when he barks, we call him back inside and he comes. But of course, a few min later, he wants to go back outside and do the same thing on repeat. We have been using a citronella bark collar on our windowsill inside and that seems to be working well enough but I understand the feedback above and will try replacing it with training. Our dog is generally pretty anxious of other people (seems to be genetic and that he’s a rescue from a puppy mill) and is not very food motivated so training can sometimes be difficult to figure out. His anxiety often trumps food and I’m not sure how much, if any, of his barking is anxiety motivated. THANK YOU!!

    • Hi Anna – it sounds like your dog has appointed himself to be the Neighborhood Watch; it may be anxiety motivated. Is it possible to go outside with him, then use a leash to move him away if he barks? Basically teach him that if he barks, he’ll get reeled in and can’t continue to be outside? Then if he asks to go out right away, he doesn’t get to go. That’s a place to start.

  19. My neighbors dog does the fence bark thing at EVERYONE. It is so loud I can hear it sitting on my own bed! I work remotely and by God it is a HUGE issue and causes me intense anxiety. I’ve invested in two fans to block out the noise, except now my face is so dry around the eyes it’s making me look wretched and makes me feel even more miserable.

    I used to suffer in silence but one day I’d had enough. I looked out the window and the husband and wife were just casually sitting on their back porch LETTING the dog bark non-stop. It had been barking so much and non-stop for almost a YEAR. I literally could not, my heart-rate went up to like 180 (usually when it’s carrying on my heat rate is affected and it also makes me shake) because I have SVT-(WPW) and POTS.

    So I went to the fence and yelled at them “please I need to talk to you”, “hello”, “hello”, finally the husband comes over to the fence where I am and the two dogs follow him, the one is barking and looking at me like it wants to chew my face off, which kills me because even though I don’t have a dog I really do like them.

    I tell him listen your dog barks so much and so loud I can hear with ear phones in when I’m sitting on my own bed. He said yeah it’s just very protective of my wife, blah, blah. I say listen it barks at my every time I check the mail, take out the garbage, when I’m in my own driveway, backyard, and porch. I said look that’s not right, it’s messing with my sleep causing me anxiety and interfering with my work from home. I told him I’ve even thought about getting a dog whistle because it is so distressing but I did not want to hurt or stress the dog more (I’m pretty sure the barks are aggressive/territorial barks). FYI, they have a huge fenced in backyard. Also we live on a golf course and the dog bark at the people golfing too (wtf people PAY to golf here too).

    Anyway I said does it need to sniff around our yard or something? Is it scared can I get him some treats, maybe pet him, and he said yes. Eventually I brought really nice treats and while he took it, he barked the entire time sans the once second chew, he did sniff me briefly but it did not help at all and really looked like it was really close to biting me, I think the only thing that may have saved me was the treat and shaking the owner’s hand. The dog also barks at every single neighbor around it. scares the mess out of the two little kids who live next door when they play outside. Anyway, after trying the introduction treat method, I was too scared to ever go back and talk to them about their dog because I was so sure it really did almost bite me.

    Since I had tried to talk sweetly to it through the fence from time to time to no avail. The husband who actually seemed to be generally nice but tired because he works a lot being a plumber, does at least occasionally yell at the dog to come here when we’re outside that is if he happens to be home and outside with the dog. The wife never gives af, she sits out there and doesn’t do or say anything. I don’t understand how they can even stand its barking, it’s got to be at like 110 to 120 decibels. It’s horrible.

    I’ve video taped and recorded it happening but I can’t bring myself to get a whistle or call the authorities because I feel that is a really crappy thing to do. I just don’t understand why after all this time (and I know I’m not the only one that’s talked to them) it still barks way too much and for way too long just about EVERY SINGLE DAY. I leap for joy when it rains.

    One of my other neighbors and I have shared looks of desperation when the dog is barking at us being in our own driveways or on our own porches. I honestly feel sorry for the dog, it’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owners fault. They’re renters not that there’s anything wrong with that but i wonder if contacting the owners would fix anything. But again, I’m not one to interfere with outside sources.

    Maybe I should try talking to them again or maybe really coordinate with my other neighbor since all we’ve shared are waves and looks of desperation about the barking and see if we can talk to the neighbors together or something, maybe that would make a difference, I just don’t understand why talking to them once about it wasn’t enough.

    Idk, it seems when one of us neighbors says something, they try to keep it quiet more often but then they get back to not seeming to care and they just let it bark. The messed up part is it does interfere with my job, my sleep, and my sanity. FFS what am I supposed to do?

    • Honestly, if the owners are unwilling to address the issue after you asking AND your personal welfare is suffering, I would involve a third party. It’s unacceptable for you to suffer so much because of an unattended dog. And frankly, the dog doesn’t sound happy either. That much barking is not the sign of a happy dog.

  20. EDITTED VERSION -Superfluous Material Eliminated


    My next door neighbors have got 2 or 3 dogs. WOW You live next door to somebody for 20 years and??…. Anyways I got a Border Collie. The neighbors kennel borders my yard. So the dogs have a chain link fence between them. (I think the fence might be on my property. $1000 to have it surveyed so I’m gonna wait and see how things role) He has also put up wood strips to block them from seeing each other. The wood gets broke from his ‘wild killer’ dog. I say killer because I was over a few days ago to discuss HIM yelling at HIS dogs for barking at me all the time. If they are outside and I jiggle my back door knob…they bark BARK!! I don’t care at all….EXCEPT WHEN!!!!! “DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO YOU I don’t/can’t blame the animals… this is because if their dog is barking at I will start baby talking ‘hey puppy’ “he’s a good boy” “he’s a good puppy” and I swear To GOD (as I understand him) the dog stops barking and starts whimpering to me. Dogs are very very trainable the master/owner is responsible!! So I don’t dare go up to the fence cuz if he started barking again and I was seen out there… I just don’t wanna be accused “He was teasing them or doing something. Like I stated it don’t bother me. Both houses kids have grown and left. Well they are grown anyways. so that is no concern. that was his. Now mine. He is smarter than. Probly all of next door. It’s only been 4 days but apparently next door has had issues for years they say! Why the fuck come over and discuss it this gonna take forever to explain but the suggestion the offered was I put up a fence also. ( as in two fences then I put another ,shorter if I want, but another fence a few feet back. Then shorten his leash and also possibly train him not to bark?? I forgot to explain my dogs actions. Sorry. OK my dog when we let him out, on his leash or not and the neighbor has his out well…First the other dog(s) start at the sound of my door. So my dog listens. If he hears them start at the doorknob sound he runs to the fence. The fence is abut 20 feet. The Same distance to my car. well say he not on his leash cuz he going with me. He run to the fence. Both dogs start barking/growling at each other and they run that 20 ft length 4-5 times then my dog is finished before I’m to the car. I open the door he jumps in tail wagging and ready to go. OK.. See now here comes my ‘dog count confusion’ because I was told that when our dogs do that. Their new ‘killer’ dog gets worked up INSIDE his house and attacks the other dog. “He had it by the throat” she told me. And then she stated “I don’t trust him around anybody” “I would hate to see what would happen if him and Chester got at each other” I’m thinking WTF??? To summize… I am going to talk with the police chief, I’m sure to no avail but what else can I do. I didn’t go to law school but… HOW am I responsible for what happens in his house?!?! and HOW many dogs do they have?? And why cant they control them?? They never walk them. They live inside a crate in the house and she admitted to the one being very very aggressive. That to me says Parenting issue??? The inside house attacks?? Again!!! Parenting Issue?? MY dog?? PARENTING ISSUES!! When this came up I spent all night pondering it. Me and Chester went for a walk so I could think of what I want to say then type/write/text/email it. The reason being is I have Head Injury (TBI) and don’t do good in arguments or around authority figures especially. I am a very ANIMATED, LOUD talker and I think it makes PEOPLE get all defensive and then NOT take me seriously because I’m INSTIGATING CONFRONTATION or something to the like. But anyways its 4-5 in the morning and I am standing at the front door of the (closed) police station listening to the dog barking coming from every direction. This made think that the police DO NOT have a vendetta against barking dogs until some one complains. I am willing to work this out to the best of my ability as long as I’m not doing it all. I mean two fences is overkill but 3 and losing approx 100 square feet (20ft x 5feet for 2 fences?) of my yard. I used to have a clothes line. but it was close to the kennel. I didn’t say anything. I figured it was his yard, he can do what he wants. I wasnt gonna claim holier than thou ya know? so I stopped hanging them and took the poles down. Will them 3 fences stop HIS dogs from barking at me?? Even when I go ‘dogless?’ Even when I grab my doorknob INSIDE MY HOUSE. cuz that has to stop!! I’m used to it BUT>>>>> Remember I said I didn’t care about barking…EXCEPT. EXCEPT Except when I’m told that my dog has influence enough to cause their dog or dogs to fight amongst them selves INSIDE their home. despite the owners training then for a couple years already?? Hopefully the chief will…I don’t want him to do anything except tell me what the laws are and how this might be enforced by his police force. I know that’s impossible. but at least acknowledge that I have started trying to resolve this by initiating contact between us concerning the Animals.
    Imagine if it was my stereo and his stereo. …and each with the neighbor on the either side of us. That placing us in the middle And then them calling the police cuz their precious Knick Knack’s and Pictures are falling off the wall. cuz it’s so loud. It wouldn’t matter who’s stereo is louder or who started it. I feel we both would be told the same thing. OK.. REALISTICLY, since we both have had warnings and fines in the past, it should cause we live next to each other and to me the one dog they have sounds exactly like my Chester. MANY time have I heard barking when I am downstairs only to quickly run up the stairs and not see Chester, assume he got loose, start whistling and yelling for him all about the neighborhood. Only to return home cuz I hear him barking only its not him barking He is found in his hiding spot shaking in fear cuz …that is psychological abuse but it’s just a dog and they don’t count. We both are abusing our PETS and it’s going to continue.

    The ID channel has shows about disputes neighbors have had. It never ends well. Now I am living one. I will relocate my dog and.. no no no!! somebody HELP ME we both just sit home all day cuz of retirement. Dog concern have not been on my mind though. Meanwhile the family next door has been stewing in this for a few years?? I wish they woulda said something!! Cuz like I said It’s ingrained material. Like I said…..Hey it’s sound ing like I’m accepting the blame. NOPE In a Fair and Just World….YES I daydream alot. I dream of PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. If “I” hadn’t gone over to tell him that he didn’t have to yell at his dogs on my behalf I still would NOT know how they felt. They would still think I’m the bad guy. That ain’t gonna change but now I’m one step up. My dog will but they have had a couple year head start on the training. or at least they should have because if one dog was trained not to do it…. I’m gonna say the other dog would lose interest I have never went over because I DON”T MIND THE BARKING. I went over because I thought HE was yelling at HIS dogs for barking at ME. I was going to tell him he doesn’t have to do that. but apparently he was threatening my dog again. I say again because I heard him threatening to harm my dog. Cuz I was around the corner. I don’t think he would say that in my presence. I just wish they
    woulda said something when it first was an issue because like my dog now they grew up with it!! Doing it daily!!! So they (dogs) are going to suffer because of selfish and condescending HUMANS. The animal kingdom doesn’t have this problem at all.

    They did admit that their dog did all the damage to their fence. I think when he said that he kind of said it in haste. “All the damage was done by my dog”, cuz it is all on his side, and then he realized he said it wrong. Cuz he was like yelling when he said it. Or maybe he was just pointing out some positive points from my point of view?🤣😅 in case I didn’t see them?🤣🤣 but maybe not. I understand How they feel/felt. You don’t wanna be the one that says anything I got no beef with them at all. They are in the DOG cult just as I am🤔 And face the facts ..The only reason that either of us cares is BECAUSE of the NON-DOG people!!! The Earth is Flat. I am a FLAT EARTHER!! Lets Leave dogs alone and have us a good old fashion HUMAN Discussion that will become ARGUEMENTIVE and when it gets dark we let our SPIRITS free, release all our inhibitions and maybe even have a drunken brawl. Women too!!!! We’ll all wake in the morning and……..I was dreaming again. We’d all wake in the morning and someone would yell “WOULD YOU SHUT THAT________ DOG UP!!!!” We are HUMANs. Change is hard for us. Thats a SAD truth. So I am gonna put forth the effort to be the better man. Ijust found something constructive to do with my time. -PeterJ-

  21. my newly moved in neighbors have two big dogs (look like the pit bull family), and constantly walk their dogs across my lawn (neighbors have been telling me and I have cameras). When I am out on my porch or in my backyard the dog’s bark at me with such aggression the owners need to hold them down. I don’t feel safe or free to enjoy my own property while I am outside. When i catch them walking through my lawn they sometimes turn around and go across the street onto the sidewalk, but the wife does not care. she has done this while I was sitting on my porch. I have had no issues with them as I hardly ever see them or speak to them because I am never home. what am I supposed to do to have them understand this is not acceptable and to respect their neighbors?

    • Hi Linda, that sounds more like a trespassing question than a training question for your dog, so I am honestly not the best person to help you. I’m sorry! I would reach out to local community support for mediation?

  22. We have a neighbour who is a tenant and has just moved back in the house after livinf elsewhere. She has come and gone regularly and we have been keeping our dog inside whilst she has been there. Now that she’s back we tried taking our dog next door to meet her in the hope that he would stop barking at her when she is outside but he barked at her. She does not like us (nothing to do with our dog) and now she is making threatening comments about our dog. He dislikes her and barks territorially everytime she outside near the fence or her garage. We will certainly try your suggestions but any other advice would be appreciated. It is an unpleasant situation which is causing stress to our dog and ourselves and we may have to contact the owners of the propety if thing don’t improve.

    • Hi Lorraine – what kind of fence do you have between the property? Sometimes upgrading to a privacy fence (where the dog can’t see outside) makes a big difference!


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