About Us

Journey Dog Training’s Approach

Journey Dog Training relies of years of experience working with aggressive, fearful, and over-excited shelter dogs and fearful and aggressive shelter cats. I don’t just learn from my own experience, though. I also use the latest research to bring you the most up-to-date training methods available. Google scholar is my homepage (really).

I’ll draw on deep knowledge in learning theory, behavior analysis, body language, biology, and canine psychology – but won’t inundate you with science if you’re more of a “get to the point and fix the dog” sorta person. Otherwise, we’ll just focus on training your dog to get results.

In just a few minutes of training per day, we’ll teach your dog to be your dream companion. We’ll use fancy things like marker words, antecedent arrangement, and hot dogs to get the job done – but don’t worry about jargon. My job is to make training easy and fun for you and your dog.

Fear, pain, and coercion have no place in the classroom. The same goes for our training.

I've Worked With (roughly)
Different Dogs, Cats, and Parrots

Meet Kayla (that’s me!)

I’m an animal nut, an outdoor enthusiast, and a humongous nerd. I grew up training my cat to sit, my chickens to come when called, and my homing pigeons to fly hundreds of miles to their roost.

Several years after starting to train animals professionally, I worked at the US’s 4th largest animal shelter as an animal behavior consultant for cats and dogs.

My job was to assess, train, and rehabilitate animals that were behaviorally unsound for adoption. I used positive reinforcement based dog training to:

  • Work with leash aggressive German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Dogo Argentinos, Cane Corsos, and mastiffs of all sorts (to name a few).
  • Soothe and control hyperactive pit bulls, boxers, border collies, Aussies, and more.
  • Teach borzois, chihuahuas, Akitas, pomeranians, Belgian Malinois, huskies, shar peis, chows, and Great Pyrenees to walk on leash, politely greet strangers, and get over fear or arousal. 
  • Teach cats not to bite when being pet
  • Tame feral kittens
  • Teach guinea pigs, ferrets, parrots, and rabbits to calmly tolerate handling and cleaning.
  • And much, much more.

There’s not much I haven’t worked with, really.

I am a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants as an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

Training Animals Professionally since 2012
Sports I Dabble or Compete In:
  • Agility
  • Nosework
  • Skijoring 
  • Herding
  • Disc Dogs
  • Rally Obedience
  • Parkour
Species I've Trained:
  • Dogs (all shapes, sizes, breeds, and temperaments)
  • Cats
  • Wolves
  • Hippos
  • Beavers
  • Mountain Goats
  • Pigeons
  • Quaker Parrots
  • Cockatoos
  • Cockatiels
  • Rats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets

Skills to Expect

human language
Canine language

Why I Do What I Do

I’m passionate about animals, animal behavior, and education. I want to help as many pet owners like you as possible, helping grow relationships that are fulfilling and fun. That’s where remote animal training comes in.

I created a remote pet behavior help program that I can run while I travel the world with my dog and boyfriend. Getting out of the expensive big-city apartments helps me keep my costs lower than the competition. 

Whether you want to train a skijouring partner, just enjoy walks without a growling dog, fix kitty litterbox issues, teach Polly the parrot to talk, or teach your dog to get you a beer from the fridge, I’m here for you.

You deserve time-efficient, modern, innovative dog training.

Online dog training is my solution. I hope that it’ll solve your financial and time concerns as you train your dog.

Meet The Journey Dog Training Family

Barley - Helper Dog & Fetch Machine

Barley is my border collie. He helps out as a demo dog and neutral dog for reactive clients. Barley loves fetch, treats, and hiking. He doesn’t like like cats or missing out on any fun.

Kayla - Head Trainer

I live with my boyfriend Andrew, my dog Barley, and various foster kittens. I love hiking, cross-country skiing, sushi, and my job. I hate pickles and going to the dentist.

Reach out if you’d like to book me, interview me, go for a hike with me, or just chat.