About Us

Journey Dog Training’s Approach

Journey Dog Training uses latest research to bring you the most up-to-date training methods available. Google scholar is my homepage (really).

We’ll explore learning theory, behavior analysis, body language, biology, and psychology in both our online and in-person training. We’ll work to understand why your pet does what he does so that we can work with him to change his behavior.

This means that we’ll use relationship-based dog training involving fancy things like marker words, variable schedules of reinforcement, and lots of hot dogs.

Fear, pain, and coercion have no place in the classroom. The same goes for our training.

I've Worked With (roughly)
Different Dogs, Cats, and Parrots

Skills to Expect

human language
Canine language

Why I Do What I Do

I work 10-hour days. I have a dog, a boyfriend, a full time job, and a side business. I run marathons and spend my weekends skiing. I’m pretty busy – and I bet you are, too.

My friends think my recently-adopted shelter dog is “perfect” (he’s not). But I spend 10 minutes per day doing focused training – and that’s enough to fool them. I want to help you impress your friends, too!

My goal is to bring you time-efficient, modern, innovative dog training. You can trick your friends into thinking you’re a time-turning training genius, too.

Online dog training is my solution. I hope that it’ll solve your financial and time concerns as you train your dog.

Meet Kayla (that’s me!)

I’m an animal nut, an outdoor enthusiast, and a humongous nerd. I grew up training my cat to sit, my chickens to come when called, and my homing pigeons to fly hundreds of miles to their roost.

I earned a degree in Organismal Biology and Ecology from Colorado College in 2016. My focus was on animal behavior, meaning I took a ton of psychology classes as well.

I walked dogs for cash in college. Obviously, my job as a dogwalker was way easier if my client’s dogs were well-behaved. That’s why I started learning to train dogs.

My senior project focused on parrot cognition. I volunteered at a local rescue that focused on rehabilitating dogs with severe behavioral issues. Now, I work at a Denver area animal shelter as an animal behavior technician.

I am a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants as an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant.

Meet The Journey Dog Training Family

Barley - Helper Dog & Fetch Machine

Barley is my border collie. He helps out as a demo dog and neutral dog for reactive clients. If you want to meet him, let’s go for a hike! Barley loves fetch, treats, and hiking. He doesn’t like like sleeping on the dog bed or strange-looking men.

Kayla - Head Trainer

I live in Denver with my boyfriend Andrew, my parrot Francis, my dog Barley, and various foster kittens. I love hiking, cross-country skiing, sushi, and my job. I hate pickles and going to the dentist.

Francis - Ruler of the Roost

Francis was my first introduction to parrot training. He’s my inspiration for learning more about species beyond dogs. He loves training, sunflower seeds, and baths. He hates the vacuum and being left out of the fun.

Reach out if you’d like to book me, interview me, go for a hike with me, or just chat.