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Meet the Journey Dog Training Team

Kayla Fratt, CEO

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Kayla grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, spending her days training homing pigeons. She started Journey Dog Training when she was in college. She apprenticed at All Breed Rescue and Training, a rescue that specializes in helping behaviorally difficult dogs. She spent all of her spare time reading about animal behavior.

She graduated from Colorado College with a degree in biology. After college, Kayla continued training dogs part-time while she worked for a conservation advocacy nonprofit.

Around that time, she joined the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

She later got a job at Denver Dumb Friends League, the fourth-largest animal shelter in the U.S. There, she helped assess, train, and adopt out thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes.

You can read all about Kayla's experience in her LinkedIn or CV.

She met Barley, her border collie, during her time at the shelter. They've been fast friends ever since. She and Barley dabble in the sports of obedience, herding, agility, scentwork, canicross, and skijoring. They're never far apart!

Kayla left Denver Dumb Friends League in 2018 to build Journey Dog Training and pursue work as a freelance writer, specializing in animal behavior.

She currently lives out of AirBnbs and is driving the Pan-American Highway with her boyfriend and Barley.


Quick Stats:

  • Training since: 2012
  • Favorite activity: Skiing, hiking, or running with Barley!
  • Coolest training experience: Teaching a hippo to let me brush her teeth.
  • Favorite dog training book: Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out
  • Favorite food: Fish tacos
  • Bucket list item: Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Pet peeve: The sound of people chewing
  • Fun fact: I played oboe in high school
  • Guilty pleasure: Youtube makeup tutorials

Erin Jones, Writer and Behavior Consultant

Certified Pet Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed) and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Erin is originally from Nova scotia, Canada, where her passion began for non-human animals. Erin rode horses professionally (hunter/jumper) for 20 years throughout North America. Her interest in behaviour grew, and she expanded her knowledge and education over the years to work with sea lions, penguins, birds and dogs.

Erin continues to better herself, and to challenge herself to learn as much as she can about behaviour and the human-dog relationship. She graduated with a MSc in anthrozoology—the study of human and other-than-human interactions. Erin will be embarking on her PhD in the same field of research in Canterbury, New Zealand in February 2018, and will be moving there, along with her husband, in November 2018.

Along the journey, Erin also became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers as well as a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.

Erin’s resume consists of running her own behaviour consultation business, Merit Dog Training, working for Companion Veterinary Clinic as a consultant and working as a teaching assistant in Advanced Animal Behaviour at Dalhousie University.

Erin currently has one senior dog she adopted from the Peterborough Humane Society (Ontario, Canada) 17 years ago. Monday (affectionately known as Grandma Monday) turned 18 around August 2018. She has helped Erin hone her training skills, especially as she has aged and is faced with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction and all the behaviour changes that come with this.


Quick Stats:

  • Training since: Dogs: 2013, Horses: 2000
  • Favorite activity: School (I'm a nerd), hiking, travel
  • Coolest training experience: Working with marine species
  • Favorite dog training book: The Animals Among Us by John Bradshaw
  • Favorite food: Vegan burritos
  • Bucket list item: Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa
  • Pet peeve:  Seeing and/or hearing people eat
  • Fun fact: I once hung out with sea lions on the beach in Galapagos
  • Guilty pleasure: Posting a ridiculous amount of photos of my dog on Instagram

Barley the Demonstration Dog

Certified Very Good Boy

Barley is a five year old border collie who was born in Colorado. We don't know much about his childhood, but we know he was purchased in a Walmart parking lot at about six weeks old.

Barley spent the first three years or so of his life with a man and the man's three children. When the man needed to move, he wasn't able to take Barley with him. He left Barley at Denver Dumb Friends League, where Kayla worked.

Kayla had been looking for a dog for a while, and Barley immediately stood out. He was a bit fat and his fur was tangled, but his eyes sparkled and he LOVED the ball Kayla threw. So she took him home.

Barley loves being a trainer's dog. He is excellent at diffusing aggressive and reactive dogs and is great at performing demonstration videos. He convinced Kayla to run her first marathon, and he does all of the training with her.

Barley earned his Canine Good Citizen in 2018 and is an AKC Intermediate Trick Dog. He is trained to alert Andrew, Kayla's boyfriend, when peanuts are nearby. He also loves playing agility, herding, obedience, and scentwork games. He's working on learning to be a conservation detection dog.

But most of all, Barley loves fetch. You can read Barley's blog here.


Quick Stats:

  • Training since: 2011 (birth)
  • Favorite activity: Fetch, especially in the water.
  • Coolest training experience: HERDING SHEEPIES
  • Favorite dog training book: The flavored ones.
  • Favorite food: Easy cheese.
  • Bucket list item: Trying dock diving!
  • Pet peeve:  When people put their face in my face.
  • Fun fact: I'm missing two front teeth.
  • Guilty pleasure: Sleeping under the bed instead of on top of it.

Journey Dog Training's Methods

Journey Dog Training strives to stay on top of the latest in animal behavior science. We're constantly taking note of what works in our lives, attending conferences, taking classes, and reading books.

We believe that you shouldn't have to live in a big city or have a fat wallet to get expert behavior help.

Our online training options (including our FREE blogs, Training Tuesday demo videos, and ask-a-trainer options) ensure that you can get help from top-of-the-line dog behavior experts, no matter where you live.

Our training revolves around a basic three-part system:

  1. Preventing the problem behavior through smart management.
  2. Setting the dog up for success and rewarding him for good choices.
  3. Gradually increasing the difficulty of our tasks.

We really love working with tough cases, from separation anxiety and severe phobias to aggression and reactivity. This force-free and fear-free training approach works with all sorts of issues and all types of dogs.

We've honed our skills on hippos, falcons, cats, and every dog breed under the sun.

We firmly believe that fear, pain, and coercion have no place in the classroom. We use a lot of treats, but we're certainly not letting dogs get away with mischief.

Above all, we are on your team. Our #1 goal is to help you and your dog live a better life together. Your goals are our goals.


Journey Dog Training's History

Kayla has been a trainer for most of her life - starting with homing pigeons in middle school and showing animals competitively in 4H. One of her first jobs was working as a falcon trainer!

She started a dogwalking business in 2012 when she came to college. She quickly realized that walking dogs that yank on the leash wasn't very fun, so she picked up a few dog training books (Don't Shoot the Dog and Culture Clash) and started learning. With her client's permission, she started teaching the dogs to walk nicely on leash. She loved it, and started teaching other life skills too!

In 2013, she switched to dog training instead of walking and Journey Dog Training was born.

Kayla loved teaching basic manners and life skills, but she was really fascinated by behavior concerns that plagued many dogs. She started apprenticing at All Breed Rescue and Training and began fostering challenging dogs.

Around 2016, Journey Dog Training pivoted from basic manners training to working on behavior issues like reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety. Kayla earned her IAABC certification.

In 2018, Kayla left Denver and left her clients behind. Journey Dog Training switched to offering online behavior help. We are passionate about offering low-cost, expert behavior help to anyone in the world. We don't think that you should need to live in a big city or have a ton of money to get help with your dog!

We fund this site through our online course offerings and through affiliate links, meaning we get a small kickback each time you make a purchase using one of our links (at no extra cost to you).

Erin joined the team in 2018. She is going to help build up our online presence and help us help more families.