We are seeking a behavior consultant & writer for a writing position. Apps close 9/4/18.



The Job

To start, this position will largely be in charge of writing 1-3 blogs per month on behavior topics (separation anxiety, reactivity, and more) and training products (such as muzzles, ex pens, escape-proof harnesses).

Blogs must be written in a casual but science-based tone, with concrete recommendations and formatting that is mobile-friendly.

Blogs will be a minimum of 1,000 words, no more than 5,000.

*Pay negotiable based on experience*

Eventually, this position is expected to grow into the production and instruction of online courses for owners who cannot find a good behavior consultant near them (or cannot afford one).

The Mission

  1. To provide free high-quality behavior advice to owners in the form of blog posts and informational videos. Ultimately, this free content should help bring people into the paid courses to fund the business.
  2. To provide high-quality behavior advice to people anywhere in the world using affordable, on-demand courses. These courses will have an emphasis on easy-to-follow instructions, safety, and science-based techniques.


We are seeking someone who:

  • Is a certified dog trainer or dog behavior consultant (IAABC, APDT, KPA, or other)
  • Adheres to the Humane Hierarchy and LIMA (at minimum)
  • Is well-versed in working with behavior issues and rescue dogs (including reactivity, separation anxiety, and dogs with high prey drive).
  • Is an excellent writer
  • Knows what SEO and Inbound Marketing is (or is willing to learn)
  • Is tech-savvy with Wordpress (or a fast learner willing to take initiative to learn in this realm).
  • Is excited about building an online dog training empire that's built on science and solid training

To Apply

Send a resume, writing sample, answer to the below questions, and cover letter to kayla@journeydogtraining.com

Please include in your cover letter information on both your writing and dog behavior consulting skills. Mention technical qualifications and past publications if relevant.

Your writing sample should highlight your skill as a writer who conveys challenging dog behavior topics to "the general public."

Please also answer the following questions in the body of your email:

  1. How long have you been training dogs?
  2. What was the most recent dog behavior/training book that you read?
  3. Who do you look up to in the dog training world?
  4. What is your proudest accomplishment as (1) a writer, (2) a scientist, (3) a dog trainer?
  5. What is your favorite behavior problem to work on?
  6. Are you comfortable training your dog on video for demonstrations?
  7. Are you interested in growing with this company and potentially increasing your hours in the future?