Talk to a Pet Behavior Expert (15 minutes)

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It’s amazing what 15 minutes can do. Troubleshoot your pet’s problem behaviors and get solutions to start TONIGHT.

We can cover things like:

  • Potty training woes
  • Separation anxiety
  • Crate training issues
  • Jumping, barking, or biting
  • Stealing food
  • Dog/cat introductions.
  • Not barking, lunging, and growling at other dogs
  • Not growling near the food bowl
  • Playing nice with the cat
  • And so much more!

You’ll finish the call with steps to take right away to make things better with your dog and long-term steps to take.

After purchase, it may take 24-48 hours to schedule. You will first receive an email with your intake form. Once you have filled that out, you will be matched with a trainer who will reach out to schedule your call.

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Talk to a pet behavior expert about your dog or cat’s problem behaviors and your training goals. Get you and your dog on track to a better life together.

3 reviews for Talk to a Pet Behavior Expert (15 minutes)

  1. jmoore (verified owner)

    I scheduled a phone consult with Kayla shortly after taking the reigns of a program that pairs inmates with shelter dogs with the goal of teaching them obedience skills to prepare the dogs for adoption. I was hoping to get some ideas on not only dog training games but leadership building games to help introduce the inmates to new concepts in training, as I have always offered primarily private support versus teaching group obedience classes. As always, Kayla is a wealth of knowledge and was incredibly helpful. Her exuberance and passion is contagious and her creativity and forward thinking accelerated our brainstorming session. Great experience!

  2. Aimee M (verified owner)

    As a first time dog owner I had a lot of questions about how to best help our new shelter dog adjust to life in a busy family. Kayla was extremely helpful and professional. She made great use of our 15 minutes but the best thing was the follow up email she sent me full of further links, videos and advice I can keep returning to try to keep my kids and dog getting along well.

  3. Kathryn W (verified owner)

    I have a rescue who has some territorial issues with visitors in the house, so I tried this 15 minute call. Kayla was super helpful, made the best use of our time, and got right to the point. She covered different options for making my dog more comfortable and advice for how to introduce visitors in non-threatening ways. I also got a follow-up email with more information. I am so glad I tried this since I was not sure who to try to work with other than my vet (which is a lot more expensive!). She also helped me find a certified behaviorist in my area. I would highly recommend Kayla to other dog owners.

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