3 x 1 Hour Dog or Cat Behavior Consultations


In light of current events, we are currently referring virtual consults and training to BIPOC-owned training companies that we admire and trust. Please book a call with Smart Bitch Dog Training or Ludar Animal Behavior. We 100% trust these companies to do an exemplary job with you and your pet.

Save 20% by purchasing three one-hour behavior consultation phone calls. You can schedule these calls at your convenience – on per week for three weeks, one per month for three months, and so on.

Modify your dog’s or cat’s unwanted behavior. Get help with resource guarding, leash reactivity, impulse control, resource guarding, aggression, potty training, litterbox issues, cat/dog introductions, and other behavior problems today.

Purchase today, and you’ll be emailed a link to book your private course. From there, we’ll get to work training your pet together.

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All personalized dog behavior courses from Journey Dog Training include:
  • Unlimited email support up to 1 month after the completion of your last call.
  • Membership to a private Facebook Group for Journey Dog Training Clients.
  • Each call is a one-hour long private dog or cat behavior course – just you and a professional animal behavior consultant.
  • A training plan with easy-to-follow steps to fix your pet’s problems.
  • Book as many or as few calls as you need

All Journey Dog Training Online Dog Behavior Courses are based on years of experience working with over 30 species in zoos, shelters, and private homes using science-based, effective, and force-free training methods.