5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe This Halloween

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Halloween is a great night of the year. You get to dress up, eat candy, and hang out with friends! But it isn’t always so fun for your pet.

Here are some tips to help make the evening of spooky fesitivities not so scary for your dog.

Test Run Your Costume

Wearing masks, face paint, other physically altering things can freak your dog out, trust me.

Before the day of, test out your costume and see how your pup responds. Gradually introduce him to any type of mask, let him sniff around and explore your costume so he is familiar.

If your dog really has a hard time with it consider skipping the facial part of the costume so that your dog can see your face – or putting the mask on when you’ve already left the house for your party.

Keep Candy Out of Reach

Big bowls of candy, table filled with treats, kitchen counters loaded with goodies. There are usually lots of delectable distractions around the house at this time of year, especially ones that can be harmful to your pet.

Be sure to keep things out of reach and away from your dog’s hungry paws.

Keep Your Dog Somewhere Safe

Sometimes it might be the simplest and safest solution to just put your dog away.

If you are throwing a party or will be opening the door for trick-or-treaters a lot your pet is less likely to make a bid for freedom of be scared by all the people and costumes if he is somewhere safe and quiet.

Prepare some stuffed Kongs or other long-lasting chews to keep your pup occupied while he’s put away.

Have Proper ID

Anything can happen and your dog is much more likely to get out on Halloween with the doors always opening.

Make sure your dog has proper ID and consider getting him microchipped.

Make Pup Friendly Treats

Keep your dog busy with treats of their own. Get your dog a new bone, fill and freeze a kong, or stuff a puzzle toy to keep the entertained while you get on with the festivities!

Halloween is a great evening full of fun! Make sure it is the same for your pup with these simple tips.

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