Alisa Healy

What’s a Puppy Palace, and Do I Need One?

Puppies are the best. Fun, hilarious, sweet, and snuggly. Until they’re pooping in the corner behind your back… or biting your feet while you’re working on your laptop… or doing any number of havoc-wreaking behavior while you’re just trying to get through your day. This is exactly why you need a puppy palace! A puppy … Read more

My Dog Is Scared of the Vacuum

vacuum fear

Does your dog hate when you use the vacuum? Do they bark at it while you’re trying to clean, and maybe even bite it? Or do they tuck their tail and run out of the room as soon as they see you roll it out? This is unfortunately a pretty common issue for dogs. It’s … Read more

Surviving Your Teenage Dog

You survived the first few months with your new puppy. And that’s no small feat! Puppies are a lot of work. On the horizon, a new challenge awaits you: canine teenagerhood. Yep, dogs go through puberty too! Similar to humans, puppies go through this development stage, as they reach physical, social and reproductive maturity.  Teenage … Read more