Best Gifts for Aging Dogs (2020)

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Our pets really deserve the best in their golden years. We love to fill their time with leisurely walks, naps in the sun, gentle games, and of course plenty of belly rubs. But what if you actually want to wrap a gift for your best old buddy?

Many of these companies sent us free samples to test out the products, but our reviews and recommendations are still 100% true.

As always, we prioritize companies and products that are environmentally friendly.

We hope that this gift guide helps you celebrate your older dog this holiday season!

Price key (approximate):

  • $ = around or under $20
  • $$ = $21-50
  • $$$ = $50-100
  • $$$$ = $100-200
  • $$$$$ = $200 +

1. Layla Sleep Dog Bed

Your dog deserves to rest in comfort and style. These beds are made of thick memory foam and come in a beautiful frame that looks great on the floor. My dog Barley doesn’t generally love dog beds, but he loves curling up on his Layla pet bed!

  • Key features:
    • Flippable. One side is firmer and the other is softer. 
    • Offers 5” of memory foam pad. 
    • Copper-infused to help keep your dog cool and relieve pressure points. 
  • Price: $$$$

This beautiful bed is perfect for your dog to lounge around, or if they can no longer make it up onto the bed with you.

Buy a Layla Pet Bed here.

2. Brutus Broth 

If your dog is picky or has a hard time chewing, then Brutus Broth is a great option to keep their joints feeling good. 

  • Key features:
    • Packed with glucosamine and Chondroitin to support joint health.
    •  Rich in protein and nutrients. 
    • Made from human-grade ingredients and doesn’t have any artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. 
    • Comes in two enticing flavors for your dog, Beef and Chicken. 
  • Price: $$

Find it on Amazon.

3. Cosequin Joint Supplements

As our dogs get older, it comes as no surprise that we start to see slow downs. It can become harder for dogs to get up, walk stairs, and run around like they used to.A joint supplement can help keep their bodies well-oiled and ready to go. My dog actually enjoys his chewable Cosequin tablets!

  • Key features:
    • Veterinarian approved.
    •  Supports joint health and mobility.
    •  Promotes cartilage growth.
    •  Come as a yummy treat that is easy to break for different sized dogs. 
  • Price: $$$

Find this supplement on Chewy.

4. Remember Me? Loving and Caring for a Dog With Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Getting old is hard on everyone, but did you know that your dog can also suffer from aging problems like cognitive decline.

If your dog is struggling with canine cognitive dysfunction, this book by Eileen Anderson will give you the lifeline you need to get through your dog’s aging as easily as possible and help your pup enjoy their golden years as best as possible.

Find info on things like:

  • Symptoms and diagnosing canine cognitive decline.
  • Treatments
  • How to adapt to your dog’s needs.
  • Making difficult decisions.
  • Price: $

Find it on Amazon.

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