Introducing Your Dogs to a Drone

Just a few weeks ago, I bought a drone (a DJI Mavic 2 with the Fly More package, to be precise). I was equal parts excited and embarrassed. But with my upcoming trip to the Arctic Ocean, I wanted the opportunity to get great footage. As a conservation detection dog handler, skijoring competitor, and a … Read more

Trail Running Gear for Dogs (Grizzly Ridge in Tombstone Territorial Park)

We are finally on the Dempster Highway! I’m so so so excited to be here. We start out with a more-tricky-than-needed brake light repair in Whitehorse after I spent a few days doing work. Once in Tombstone Territorial Park, I show you the gear I bring on a trail run in an ultra-remote place with … Read more

Running To a Glacier in British Columbia (And So Many Bears) – Pan-American Highway Travels

Join Kayla, Jason, Barley, and Niffler as they run to Guyishton Lake, drive to Stewart British Columbia, and then run to a glacier. We had a lovely run to Guyishton Lake and found plenty of internet at the Stewart Visitor Center (free) and at Meziadin Junction (paid). On a whim, we parked between Stewart and … Read more