Running To a Glacier in British Columbia (And So Many Bears) – Pan-American Highway Travels

Join Kayla, Jason, Barley, and Niffler as they run to Guyishton Lake, drive to Stewart British Columbia, and then run to a glacier. We had a lovely run to Guyishton Lake and found plenty of internet at the Stewart Visitor Center (free) and at Meziadin Junction (paid). On a whim, we parked between Stewart and … Read more

Hiking King’s Throne Peak (Yukon) and the Chilkoot Pass Trail (Alaska)

We FINALLY fixed the door! Boya Lake and Jade City were gorgeous, the mosquitos feasted upon us, and we made it to the Yukon. As a consolation prize for not making it to Edziza Provincial Park, we headed to King’s Throne Peak to hike most of it. We left the dogs behind due to rockfall … Read more

Trail Running Gear for Dogs (Grizzly Ridge in Tombstone Territorial Park)

We are finally on the Dempster Highway! I’m so so so excited to be here. We start out with a more-tricky-than-needed brake light repair in Whitehorse after I spent a few days doing work. Once in Tombstone Territorial Park, I show you the gear I bring on a trail run in an ultra-remote place with … Read more

My Dog Is Rude and Doesn’t Respect My Husband

Sometimes our dogs are perfect angels with us and total brats with other people. It’s one thing if your dog doesn’t respect strangers, but what do you do if your dog is disobedient and rude with your husband? In today’s Ask a Behavior Consultant we’re tackling this topic, as posed below: “My rescue dog doesn’t … Read more