My Dog Barks Non-Stop in His Kennel – What Should I Do?

dog barks non stop in crate

Many dogs struggle a lot with crate training. How should you respond when your dog barks non-stop in his kennel? In today’s Ask a Behavior Consultant, we’re tackling the following query from our reader: “My 7 month old Chihuahua -I just got him this Saturday- won’t stop barking in his kennel, we’ve tried everything. I’ve … Read more

Crossing the Nicaragua-Honduras Border With Dogs and a Van: Step by Step

If you’re on a tour of the CA-4 countries or driving the Pan-American Highway for a dream expedition, you may find yourself wondering how to smoothly cross the Honduras-Nicaragua border. I have crossed this border three times, most recently northbound (Nicaragua to Honduras) in January 2023.  Crossing international borders can be tricky and Nicaragua has … Read more

Crossing the Nicaragua-Costa Rica Border With Dogs and a Van: A Step-by-Step Guide

Costa Rica and Nicaragua are both fantastically beautiful countries with fascinating histories, welcoming people, and amazing nature. While Costa Rica has more of a reputation as a safe and welcoming eco-tourist destination, Nicaragua is far more affordable and has much quieter beaches and volcanoes to hike. In short, if you’re visiting one, there’s a good … Read more

Is PetPlate Worth It?

Pet Plate reached out to me this summer asking if I’d like to test out their meal delivery service for my dogs in exchange for a review. Of course, I was thrilled to say yes! Pet Plate is one of several fresh dog food delivery services I’ve tested, and I am always excited to explore … Read more