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My Dog Barks Non-Stop in His Kennel – What Should I Do?

dog barks non stop in crate

Many dogs struggle a lot with crate training. How should you respond when your dog barks non-stop in his kennel? In today’s Ask a Behavior Consultant, we’re tackling the following query from our reader: “My 7 month old Chihuahua -I just got him this Saturday- won’t stop barking in his kennel, we’ve tried everything. I’ve … Read more

My Female Dog is in Heat and Now My Male Dogs are Fighting

why do my boy dogs fight when my girl dog has her period

Managing homes with intact dogs can be a real pain in the butt. If you have both male and female dogs, it’s not unusual for the social dynamics in the home to get tense when the female is in heat. In today’s Ask a Behavior Consultant, we’re answering a question about this problem. Our reader … Read more

My Dog Is REALLY Aggressive to Other Dogs

dog aggressive to other dogs

Dogs are social animals. But that doesn’t mean that they all get along. Some dogs aren’t just socially awkward – they’re really aggressive to other dogs. Today’s “Ask A Behavior Consultant” revolves around the case of a 14-month old Akita who is really aggressive to other dogs. Her owner wrote, “My dog use to love … Read more

Help! My Cat Keeps Pooping on the Carpet

cat pooping on carpet

Cats are usually really neat, tidy animals – especially compared to slobbery dogs! But litterboxes are the exception. What do you do if your cat keeps pooping on the carpet? How do you fix it? In today’s Ask a Behavior Consultant, we’re tackling that problem! A reader asked, “Cat pooping outside of litter box suddenly, … Read more