Ep. 17: Working Dogs for Conservation (Kayla’s Update)

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When we started this podcast, Kayla (of Journey Dog Training) was living in Mexico, working as a freelance writer. Over the last 16 episodes, she drove through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Her ultimate goal was Argentina.

But now she’s living in Missoula, Montana – why?

Because she got a DREAM JOB!

Kayla is now working as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for Working Dogs for Conservation, and organization that takes high-drive (there’s that term! See episode 15...) rescue dogs and teaches them to be detection dogs.

But rather than training the dogs to find drugs or bombs or missing people, these dogs are trained for conservation biology. They find the scat of endangered species, ivory hidden in busses, and invasive species that should be eradicated.

It’s a pretty darn cool gig.

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