Ep. 23: Choosing the Perfect Dog

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Join Marissa, Kayla and Ursa discuss the process of choosing a dog, introduce topics to consider and learn how they chose their loved ones!

Things to Consider:

  • Take your time and don’t rush!
  • Do you have the opportunity to foster from a shelter or rescue in order to try this on?
  • Be aware of your internal process. Ask yourself and your family questions:
    • What is our current lifestyle?
    • How would we like to spend time with this new dog? 
    • What qualities are a must have?
    • What qualities are deal breakers? 
    • What qualities  are negotiable?
    • Does breed matter?

Links and References

The commercial that Niko featured in
The video that Kayla took of Barley to show her boyfriend and ask to adopt him.

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