Ep. 29: Gut Health and Nutrition with Dr. Angie Krause

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Today’s episode includes Marissa Martino, owner of Paws & Reward Dog Training in Boulder, CO and her dear friend and colleague, Dr. Angie Krause from Boulder Holistic Vet. 

This episode covers the importance of gut health and introduces 5 things you can do right now to improve or strengthen your dog’s gut health. 

When you physically feel good, you are in a better mood, less irritable and more resilient. Same for our dogs! There are many dogs out there that suffer from diarrhea, upset stomachs, vomiting and constant itching. If they do not feel well, their behavior could be affected.  

The 5 ways you can improve your dog’s gut health:

#1: DIET AND NUTRITION: What you feed your dog matters. The less processed the better. 

#2: PROBIOTICS: Support the gut with healthy bacteria! Here are some great options from Angie’s store: https://boulderholisticvet.com/shop/ 

#3: FERMENTED FOODS: Support the gut with healthy bacteria using real foods! Here is an easy recipe to follow to make at home: https://boulderholisticvet.com/home-made-probiotics-pets/ 

#4: FOOD ALLERGIES: Consult with your veterinarian to see if your dog might suffer from food allergies. 

#5: STRESS REDUCTION: Stress can take a huge toll on your dog’s body! And it can impact his/her gut health. Provide enrichment for your dog and remove all triggers as best you can to help reduce their stress. Free enrichment ebook: https://pawsandreward.ck.page/canine-enrichment

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