Ep. 31: Dog Park Design and its Effect on Behavior with Jennifer Berg

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Ursa Acree speaks to Jennifer Berg with Oberhund Dog Services in Regina, Saskatchewan. In this episode, they discuss Jennifer’s study on dog park design and how it affects dog behavior – namely, how elements of a dog park can help create or avoid potential dog-dog conflicts. They take a look at some of the flaws in current dog park design, what would make an ideal dog park, and how guardians can change their behavior to make visits more successful. 

Jennifer Berg’s Dog Park Survey

“I am researching dog parks across Canada and USA with the goal to help improve dog park design to reduce dog conflicts. If you have experienced a dog conflict in ANY dog park, please consider completing this short, ANONYMOUS questionnaire. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and there are no questions that would identify any person, dog, park, or city.”

Oberhund Dog Services

Oberhund Facebook

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