Ep. 38: Case Study on Dealing with Anxiety, Fear, and Reactivity

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In today’s episode, Kayla and Marissa are joined by Kayla’s client Caroline to talk about Caroline’s dog Sonic. Sonic is a four-year-old chihuahua with a variety of different anxious and fear behaviors. They discuss what Kayla and Caroline have done so far for Sonic, as well as what their plans are going forward.

Sonic’s triggers are many and varied, but the main goal is to improve his response to other dogs. Kayla and Caroline have been working on:

  • Tracking Sonic’s life in a spreadsheet to find attempt to find patterns with his triggers and reactions
  • Engage/disengage work around a dog park
  • Start button behaviors to allow Sonic choice on when to approach other dogs
  • Parallel walks with unknown dogs
  • Relaxation in new areas

Marissa also suggested nosework, which Caroline plans on adding into training soon. With COVID-19, Caroline also plans on helping Sonic understand start button behaviors using non-dog triggers around the apartment.

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