Ep. 45: Can Dogs Be Racist?

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Kayla sits down with Jio and Taylor from Smart Bitch Dog Training, Curtis from Pet Parent Allies, and Jenna from Dog Liaison to talk about whether or not dogs can be racist.

Let’s start by saying that Canine Conversations has been excited to get this episode out for a while, and we recognize it might be perceived as “late to the party.” I hope that instead we can view it as a continuation of an important discussion that is already fading from the news cycle. And I am so grateful to Jio, Taylor, Curtis, and Jenna for joining me when they are already so busy! 

Race and racism isn’t an easy topic, and I apologize in advance for any potential missteps I make as I muddle through – we are all improving and learning, including me. 

Race and racism permeate our whole world. From breed-specific legislation that partially came about as yet another racist attempt to restrict living options for people of color to microaggressions at dog shows to the horrifying use of attack dogs on people of color throughout US history, the “dog world” certainly isn’t exempt. While Ursa and I will never understand what it’s like to be black in America, we plan to continue learning and supporting movements towards equity wherever we can.

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