Ep. 59: Conservation Training with Ken Ramirez

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Kayla and Ursa speak with Ken Ramirez about conservation training and detection dogs! Remember, you can now support the podcast through Patreon for as little as $3/month! Patrons can submit questions, which we’ll answer at the end of each episode. Join the conversation over at patreon.com/canineconvos

Discussed in this episode:

  • Ken discusses some of his own conservation stories
  • Creating plans for non-trainer dog handlers
  • Working with clients vs working with conservation problems
  • Elephant migration 
  • Chimpanzee project 
    • The 2 year project resulted in 87% decrease in poaching
  • Remote conservation vs captive conservation 
  • How to get involved with conservation training
  • Working with detection dogs
    • Using the “all clear procedure” to reward your dogs when there happens to be no target to find
    • Maintaining enthusiasm in “no find” environments
    • Ensuring the learner has all their needs met
    • Putting the dog first 

Patron Questions answered from Caroline:

What is life at the Ranch like – who lives there full time and is there a daily staff?

Which animals get into the cheekiest shenanigans on the Ranch? 

What has been your favorite species to train and why? 

Where to find Ken:

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