Classy, Modern Dog Portraits: West and Willow Review

Let’s face it: we all think we have the best, most beautiful dog in the world. And we’re ALL right.

So when West & Willow reached out and offered me a free portrait of Barley in exchange for a review, I was more than happy to oblige!

West & Willow specializes in these really cool, modern pet portraits. They’re not cartoons or photo-realistic – they’re simple, clean, and crisp.

Working with West & Willow was INCREDIBLY easy. I simply went to their website and chose the framed portrait (they also offer phone cases, unframed posters, and quote signs) and picked my dimensions and frame type.

I went with a medium-sized portrait with a classic black frame and white background. I’m no interior design expert, so I try not to get too bold with my decisions!

Once I’d decided on my specifications, all I had to do was upload a photo of Barley and select shipping options!

I picked this photo of Barley – intently waiting for me to throw him a ball. That stare, the tension, the desperation, the stillness in his face – it’s so him. It’s not an easy portrait of him to make because you really need to capture his expression.

And let me tell you – the artists at West & Willow nailed it! While they chose to skip the sand freckles on his nose, the portrait arrived and I literally gasped at how well they captured Barley’s essence!

I found the team at West & Willow incredibly easy to work with. I love that they keep their style and mission simple – if you like their work, they’ll be consistently good at it.

If it’s not your style, however, West & Willow isn’t the company for you right now. They really specialize in these minimalist, modern, solid-backed portraits: no sweeping landscapes, no adoring humans in the frame, no colorful cartoons.

But that’s exactly what I like about West & Willow: they’re consistent and clear with their style.

I’ve worked with pet portrait artists (not West & Willow) before whose work was inconsistent. Either these other portrait artists didn’t nail the quality on certain types of dogs (black dogs can be tricky), or they attempted a variety of styles with differing success. This can be disappointing as a customer.

I really think West & Willow pet portraits would be a GREAT gift. In fact, when they reached out to me I considered that instead of getting a portrait done of Barley – I honestly have too much hanging on my walls already! But when I saw the quality of the work on their website, I had to have one of Barley. And I’m sure glad I did! I think you’ll love your West & Willow pet portrait, too.

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