Crazy-Tough Tug Toys and Creative Snuffle Bags: Chelsy’s Toys Review

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Chelsy’s Toys reached out to us a few months ago and offered to send Barley and Niffler a grab-bag of their top products for a review. Of course, we said yes! So far, the favorites from our bag have been the Traditional Tug Toy and the Snuffle Bag.

Chelsy’s Toys was started to create extra-tough tug toys to withstand Chelsy the pitbull, and it shows! These tugs are really comfy for human hands, soft and engaging for the dog, but TOUGH. We’ve tested the toys for almost a month before starting this review, and they’re showing NO signs of wear. That’s despite plenty of tugging between the two dogs and as a reward for training. My dogs are pretty hardcore tuggers, and Niffler can be a bit of a shredder. But this toy looks good as new still! Color me impressed.

These ultra-tough tug toys incorporate up to 15 feet of fleece into a 15 inch toy. WOW! They’re comfy for both of us to tug with and are pretty – what more could you want?

I also received a snuffle bag from Chelsy’s Toys. I’ve already got a few snuffle mats, but I love this bag! It’s cute and functional, plus the bag function makes it a bit harder for Barley. He’s such a pig that anything I can do to slow him down and challenge him for mealtimes is really welcome! You can cinch the bag shut for an extra challenge or to easily move the bag without mess.

Check out all of their offerings over at Chelsy’

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