Dealing With Doggie Diarrhea

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Most people know that diarrhea is not the most fun subject to talk about, or experience.

But it is important to be aware when your dog is having diarrhea.

This can mean a multitude of different things, and so a trip to the vet is always a good idea when your dog suddenly starts experiencing diarrhea. But here are some at home remedies for dealing with common causes of diarrhea.

Main Causes of Doggie Diarrhea:

Some common types of diarrhea in dogs include:

  • Osmotic imbalances: too much food and fluid in the intestines
  • Over secretion: extra fluids when a dog gets a parasite or is exposed to toxins
  • Intestinal exudation: oozing from ulcers or tears
  • Intestinal motility issues: the intestines are over or under stimulated

These four main types of diarrhea can commonly be caused by:

  • Getting into garbage/non-food items.
  • Eating spoiled food.
  • Eating too much (or too little).
  • Parasites, infections, and toxins.
  • Changes in diet or a sensitive GI tract.
  • Stress.
  • Certain drugs
  • Liver, kidney, and Addison’s disease
  • Blockages

What To Do When Doggie Diarrhea Starts:

An acute onset of diarrhea can be something as simple as eating a different food, or can be more nefarious like a blockage.

Determining the cause of diarrhea is important in treating it, so getting your dog into see your vet as soon as possible is key. Things to look out for that may require immediate emergency care include:

  • Vomiting.
  • Fever
  • Pain
  • Depression and inactivity
  • Not eating

If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms in conjunction with diarrhea, get the to the emergency rom.

If the diarrhea seemed to have started randomly but your dog is otherwise acting okay, it is usually safe to wait until the next day your regular vet is available.

An unhappy boy coming back from the vet

Treating Doggie Diarrhea Symptoms at Home:

To try and deal with symptoms before you are able to see your vet you can do a few simple steps to help get your pup back on track.

  • Give Your Dog Bland Foods

Sometimes getting into overly rich foods like butter, cheese, or candies can really wreak havoc on your dogs system. Give them bland and simple foods like unseasoned chicken and plain rice. If this helps, once they are symptom free slowly incorporate your dog’s regular food back into their diet.

  • Check For Worms

A common cause for diarrhea is a parasite or worm. Make sure your dog is up to date on their regular deworming schedule. If you have missed some deworming they may have picked up a nasty bug from somewhere. You can get dewormer over the counter, just follow the instructions.

Using this is great on worms but is also tough on your dog’s already frazzled digestive system, consider incorporating a probiotic like Fortiflora, which is my personal favorite and has worked great for Peanut.

  • Check In With Your Dog

Sometimes something simple can be behind your dog’s diarrhea. Check their food for any ingredients that might be causing upset. Certain meats don’t agree with all dogs so consider changing to a different meat, or a grain free diet.

If your dog takes any prescriptions talk to your vet about potential side-effects and see if there are better drugs on the market that might not interfere with their digestive system.

See if stress might be causing your dog GI upset. Leaving your dog home alone for too long can cause them stress. They could also be chewing things they shouldn’t out of anxiety, which could lead to diarrhea. Taking your dog to the vet and going over a complete history can help you root out the cause.

Diarrhea can be a real nightmare to deal with for both you and your dog. Quickly getting to the bottom of things is important for your dog’s health.

Dehydration is a major concern for dogs who suffer from ongoing diarrhea, so check in with your vet as soon as you can. While many times diarrhea is from something simple and can be treated conservatively at home, knowing the signs for a more serious problem could save your dog’s life.

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