Farm Hounds Chew and Jerky Treat Review

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farm hounds treat review

Farm Hounds is a brand of high-end dog treats – especially jerky treats and boutique chews. Farm Hounds treats are sourced from small family farms that focus on sustainability.

As a dog-lover who also happens to care a lot about the environment and farm animal welfare, I was excited to give their treats a try!

Disclaimer: Farm Hounds sent us some free treats in exchange for a fair, honest review of their products. If you purchase the product using links in this article, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Farm Hounds dog treats are single-ingredient and nutrient-dense, making it easy to select a treat that works well for picky dogs or pups with sensitive stomachs.

We decided to try out a wide variety of products, listed below.

Barley begging for the duck head

Farm Hounds Treat Review: The Opinions of Three Dogs

  • Chicken gizzards: loved by all three dogs – this is a good intermittent treat but not small enough for training.
  • Beef liver: loved by all three dogs – this is a good intermittent treat but not small enough for training.
  • Duck jerky: too crunchy for the old lab, but the border collies liked it well enough.
  • Turkey wings: the border collies loved the outside but rejected the big bone. Very messy!
  • Duck heads and feet: loved by all! These got crunched down and eaten within a minute or two, so while delicious they didn’t last long.
  • Hide rolls: rejected by the youngest border collie, picked at, and eventually eaten by the older border collie. Once he settled in to eat, this was a nice long-lasting treat but he didn’t seem to LOVE it. Too hard for the old lab.
  • Pig tails: loved by all! They’re crunchy and went down fast.
Barley LOVED his turkey wing – but it was messy!

What We Love About Farm Hounds Treats

The organ meat in Farm Hounds treats is extra nutrient-dense. Organs are basically superfoods for dogs! That means that you can feel good about feeding your dog these treats – but it also means that you probably shouldn’t give your dog a ton of them.

The treats are surprisingly non-stinky! I’m not saying that you should stick your nose in the bag… but your room won’t smell like a dehydrated chicken stomach.

The treats come in durable, resealable bags while the hides and chews are wrapped in plain paper (butcher style).

The treats themselves are a good size for post-dinner chews or small distractors. If you give about one treat per day, the bags will last you about two weeks – maybe more.

Farm Hounds recommends using up their treats within three weeks. Refrigeration may extend freshness. Unopened bags easily last 6 months.

I also love how committed Farm Hounds is to sustainable farming.

Their products are 100% free of antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, and pesticides.

While Farm Hounds does sell rawhides, they’re quite different from the cheap, dangerous rawhides sold from overseas. They’re sun-dried and dye-free – much safer.

That said, you should always supervise your pup with new chewies at first!

Where Are Farm Hounds Treats From?

They partner with a few different local family farms, including White Oak Pastures in Georgia and Joyce Farms in North Carolina.

White Oak Pastures are certified organic (which is a big deal for pet foods). The farm is also zero-waste and was awarded the highest possible marks from the Global Animal Project.

Honestly, I’m a vegetarian because of my issues with factory farming. I’m hard to impress with farming practices. And I’m impressed.

Joyce Farms specializes in chicken but also provides Farm Hounds with some bison. Their chickens are humanely raised without hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or growth stimulants.

We usually feed our chews outside to reduce mess.

What We Don’t Love About Farm Hounds Treats (Not Much)

These jerky treats are a bit of an in-between as far as treat type. They’re not durable enough to really work as crate chews for most dogs. If you’ve got a delicate chewer, maybe they’ll last.

That said, Farm Hounds does have a great selection of chews that will work well for crate training or longer-lasting chews (like the turkey wing and rolls).

Farm Hounds website says their rawhide roll is their longest-lasting chew, but neither of my dogs really loved it. That did make it last longer – it took them a few days to get around to it. At first I was bummed, but long-lasting is really what I wanted!

The jerky treats are also too big and too nutrient-dense to work well as training treats.

Unfortunately, this means many Farm Hounds treats fall into a weird middle ground for treat durability. They’re not quick training treats, nor are they all long-lasting chews.

What’s the Verdict on Farm Hounds Treats?

Overall, I really liked Farm Hounds treats. I’d certainly get them again.

I found they’re really good as a topper for meals or a high-value reward for recall exercises.

You can read all about Farm Hounds FAQ on their website. But take it from Maya the Lab, Barley and Niffler the Border Collies, and Kayla the dog trainer – Farm Hounds treats are worth it!

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