Five Ways to Pamper Your Cat

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As any cat owner knows, cats love spending time lounging around and being by themselves. But they are also social creatures that love to play and spend time with you. Here are a few ideas to help add stimulation and an extra dose of love to your cat’s life.

1. Brush your cat’s fur.

While cats are great at cleaning themselves, brushing your cat is a great way to spend time with him, help reduce flying fur around your house, prevent matting, and even help your cat relax. 

Some cats love getting brushed and you could hear their purrs from a mile away, while others can think it is as much a chore as you do! 

If your cat isn’t used to being brushed, start with gentle petting and just a few brush strokes on a less sensitive area. Slowly increase your brushing time and location until you can give your cat a full brush. 

Depending on the type of coat your cat has, you can brush their fur anywhere from once a week to everyday! Just be sure to not overdo it as your cat could get skin irritations.

2. Get your cat a new toy.

Many cats love to play and their prey instinct can always use some exercising. Toys that are great for keeping your cat agile and active include:

Spending just 20 minutes a day playing with your cat is a great way to keep them moving and prevent any destructive behavior.

3. Get a scratching post.

Many cat parents learn quickly that cat claws and furniture do not go well together. But it is important for your cat to be able to scratch somewhere because it helps them shed the outer layer of the nail. 

To help minimize furniture destruction, get your cat a designated scratching post, or a few, so they can safely act out this natural behavior. Something like this two in one scratching post and bed is a great option for your cat.

4. Build a catwalk.

Cats love to be up high where they are safe and can watch for prey (and predators). A catwalk is a great way to keep your cat stimulated as they will love to watch everyone going about their day, but they can also feel secure.

You can get something like this simple cat wall or even build your own! There are lots of videos and tutorials for building easy and sturdy cat walks.

5. Spend more time with your cat.

Spending a few extra minutes, or more if you can spare it, a day with your cat will actually mean the world to them. These social animals love to be around you, even if they aren’t right next to you, and will benefit from having you close by.

If you have a snuggly cat then spend some extra time giving them a belly rub or just letting them cuddle you while you read a book or watch tv.

Give your cat an extra treat or two, or watch them play with a food dispensing toy.  

Cats give us so much and it is important to make sure we are keeping them just as happy as they keep us. I think you will find that you also benefit from spending extra time with your favorite kitty, or kitties!

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