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My dog sees a lot of variety in his dog food. We test many different products, but there is one food I have come to use as his main source of nutrition and what he eats on a regular basis. 

This is because my dog absolutely loves the taste, it is less processed than most conventional dry kibble dog foods, and doesn’t use unnecessary animal byproducts, preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors.

About Fresh Pet:

Freshpet is a company creating dog foods that are really meant for eating and enjoying. They use locally sourced proteins like chicken and beef, fresh vegetables like carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes, and antioxidant rich fruits like cranberries and blueberries.

About the Food:

Freshpet has a variety of flavors and food types. You can get your dog’s food in a tube and cut it for them, or go with their pre-shaped option and just portion it out. I prefer the tube just because I think it stays a bit fresher for longer, but both are great options.

There is also a grain-free option for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, and with a variety of proteins to choose from, you can easily avoid potential problems if your dog doesn’t do well with certain meats. We often opt for the beef or chicken, but I will occasionally get the multi-protein with chicken, beef, egg, and salmon to change it up.

Also, Freshpet has come out with their “Vital” line, which is a 100% non-gmo dog food, with a grain free and chicken free option. 

The food is steam cooked over low heat to keep the most nutrients possible and then vacuum sealed to prevent any of that goodness from leaving! Because it is kept in a minimally processed form, this food is found kept refrigerated and is soft and easy to digest for your dog.

What We Love About Freshpet:

My dog is picky, and I often use this as a good gauge when it comes to food and treat taste. He really tends to opt for softer, less processed, and more wholesome foods and treats. I know it may seem crazy, but he really does seem to know best when it comes to his diet!

He won’t eat more when he is full, even foods he loves. But I know that FreshPet is a good choice because he will bang his bowl and jump right up and lick and nibble at me when I mention it is mealtime. 

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or sensitive teeth, this food is great for them. With no powdered meats, meat by-products, or other filler ingredients, it is gentler on the stomach and the softness of the food makes it easy for dogs in all stages of life to chew and digest.

Peanut, my dog, doesn’t do well with crunchy foods. He can eat them but it clearly isn’t comfortable for him, so this food makes mealtime so much more enjoyable.

My dog only weighs 11 pounds so we go through about one 6 pound log every two weeks. At $12-16 a log, depending on where you go and what type you are getting, this is really not that bad for me.

But I could understand how it could get really pricey really quickly with multiple dogs or big dogs. If you are worried about the price consider using Freshpet as a meal topper to add more variety, nutrients, and flavor, or look into getting some of their dog treats instead. Your dog will still be happy!

What We Would Change About Freshpet:

While the three meat varieties I tend to use are more than enough to keep Peanut happy, I would love even more main protein sources varieties, such as fish and lamb.

Freshpet does use these meats in their food, but I would love to see more variety in the main protein source.

Overall Impressions:

I think Freshpet is a great compromise between wanting a less processed food than conventional dry kibble, but not quite wanting to invest the time and energy to prepare your dog’s food for him. 

It can take a lot of planning to make sure your dog gets the proper nutrition, so Freshpet does it for you in a food that tastes good and comes close to what you might prepare at home.

No, it isn’t the same as a bowl of freshly cooked meats, fruits, and veggies, but for the convenience, value, and taste, it comes pretty darn close.

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