Hurtta Ranger Visibility Vest Review

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If you spend much time out in the woods with your dog, you have probably experienced the fear of momentarily losing sight of your dog.

I first purchased the Hurtta Ranger Visibility Vest last fall to help keep Barley safe during Montana’s hunting season. But I zip on Barley’s visibility vest almost every hike all year round!

This vest is perfect for my needs: it’s bright orange, reflective, and not too hot for all-season use. It’s high visibility in low light or at night – perfect for keeping an eye on your dog and making it clear to hunters that he’s a dog!

Hurtta did not send us any free products or ask for this review; but after this review they’ve sent me other products to test and review for free.

The Basics of the Hurtta Ranger Visibility Vest

  • $50-$70
  • Sizes XXS – XXXL
  • Available in Orange Camo, Orange (with more reflection), or Neon Combo (orange and bright green)
  • Fabric treated with Permethrin for insect repellant
  • Snap to keep zipper in place
  • Adjustable chest/neckline and waist cinch
  • Well-placed zipper to avoid catching fur
  • No place to clip leash, bell, or light.

My Opinion of the Hurtta Ranger Visibility Vest

I love this little vest. Whenever I’m hiking somewhere new, especially with dense undergrowth, I reach for it.

Like all of Hurtta’s gear, this visibility vest is made with dogs in mind. It’s surprisingly easy to avoid zipping up your pup’s fluff (a feat for my uber-floofy border collie), and you don’t have to shove the vest on over your dog’s head.

My only real complaint is that there’s nowhere to hook a leash, light, or bell. Honestly, I don’t need the leash clip all that often. But it would be nice for times when I want to leash up near the trailhead or to pass through grizzly habitat.

I find that bells work better on harnesses than neck collars, and I really don’t like hiking with a neck collar, but also don’t want to layer this vest over a harness. It’s not a HUGE problem, but I feel obliged to find something I dislike about a product.

I like that this vest is pretty lightweight, so I don’t worry about using it when it’s warm out. The insect repellant is a nice touch too!

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