Layla Dog Bed Review: Flippable, Cooling, and Dog-Approved!

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Barley doesn’t usually care for dog beds – he’d rather sleep under my bed when it’s hot or on top of me when it’s cooler. Naturally, I was a bit worried when Layla Sleep asked if Barley would like to try a bed for free in exchange for a review.

What if he didn’t like it? I’m always honest when I write reviews, but I definitely don’t enjoy writing negative reviews.

While Barley still is a social sleeper, he does use his Layla bed MUCH more than any dog bed he’s had before! He seems to really like the cooling feature. I think all that hansdome fluffiness gets warm!

Barley REALLY likes sleeping with his toys.

The Basics of the Layla Dog Bed

  • ~ $120-$260 depending on size and sale
  • 5″ of memory foam padding
  • Sizes small (19″ x 26″), medium (25″ x 33″), and large (32″ x 43″)
  • Flippable mattress – one side is firmer, while the other is softer and with an air-flow-producing honeycomb pattern
  • Soft border to contain chew toys and let your pet rest his head
  • Really attractive, subtle design of grey and black
  • Removable bed cover for easy washing
  • Copper-infused memory foam for extra cooling and pressure relief
  • The bed cover is liquid-resistant
  • The bed itself is liquid-proof, forcing the liquid to bead up which makes for easy cleaning.
  • Durable fabric to protect from claws
The rims of the bed help keep chew toys in the bed.

My Opinion of the Layla Sleep Dog Bed

This is hands-down the coolest, fanciest, and most stylish dog bed I’ve ever owned (or even seen). The fabric cover is incredibly smooth to the touch, and the bed is comfy. Barley so far seems to prefer the firmer side.

I love that the bed also comes with an edge of sorts – not only does this allow for Barley to prop his head up when he’s snoozing, but it also helps contain Kongs or bully sticks when he’s chewing away.

Barley has been limping on and off since December 2019 (it’s now May 2020 – that’s 6 months), particularly when he sleeps on a hard surface after a big workout. He’s seen four vets about the problem and no one can figure it out. BUT I’ve been tracking his limping for over a month now, and I haven’t noticed the limping if he sleeps on the Layla dog bed!

Does that mean the Layla dog bed cured his leg? Of course not.

But if stiffness and soreness plays a role in his limp, this ultra-comfy bed is clearly helping alleviate that pain.

The durable cover has stood up to Barley’s goofy “digging game,” too. When he’s really riled up, Barley likes to put toys on top of his bed or a pile of laundry and then dig everything out, then pile it up again, then start over. The Layla dog bed is standing up to this perfectly!

Barley can be pretty drooly when he’s chewing on a raw bone or stuffed Kong, and the water-resistant cover deals with that well. The cover did get a bit stained from a particularly gross raw bone, but it came out right away in the wash.

The bed is pretty expensive, but it really seems worth it. I love how it looks, Barley loves how it feels, and I really really love how it seems to make him feel.

To help soften the price blow, Layla Sleep also ships fast and free and allows you to try risk-free for a month (plus a one-year warranty).

If you’re looking for a comfy, stylish dog bed for your best friend – look no further.

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