It’s Like Talkspace, but for Cat Behavior Problems

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You don’t have to just deal with a cat who bites you, uses your furniture as a scratching post, or poops outside the litterbox. You can get help with your cat behavior problems from anywhere in the world using Journey Dog Training’s cat behavior help service.

When Talkspace first came onto the scene, many therapists (and their patients) were skeptical. How could you possibly get help with anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses via Skype, text, email, and the phone?

But today, Talkspace is a resounding success. They’ve helped over 500,000 people feel happier and get better help.

That’s what Journey Dog Training is trying to do with virtual animal behavior help. This is especially well-suited for “cat coaching,” where a cat behavior specialist helps the cat owner train their cat, change the human behavior, and alter the environment to deal with cat behavior problems.

Benefits of Dealing with Cat Behavior Problems Remotely

Just like Talkspace, speaking to a cat behavior specialist over the phone can help remedy many traditional problems associated with cat training or cat coaching. Benefits of remote cat behavior help include:

  • 1/3 the cost of traditional in-home cat behavior help. When I did in-home cat behavior consultations, I charged $100 per hour. But because I can cut out my commute and save time, I charge only $30 per hour for virtual cat behavior help.
  • Get world-class experience no matter where you are. There aren’t many cat behavior specialists out there. The ones that do exist are often in cities and charge huge amounts of money. But with virtual cat behavior help, you can speak to an internationally certified behavior consultant no matter where you live.
  • Real-time cat behavior advice. With our over-the-phone (or Skype) help, you get cat behavior advice as many times per week as you’d like. Each call also includes up to three follow-up emails, so you can keep coming back for more help.

Common Cat Behavior Problems Are Fixable With Virtual Cat Behavior Help

The vast majority of cats who end up in shelters are there because of common, fixable cat behavior problems. When I worked at the nation’s 4th largest animal shelter, I helped thousands of cats with problems like:

  • Housesoiling. Cats can stop using their litterbox for a wide variety of reasons. The good news is that you don’t have to just deal with cleaning up after a cat who won’t use his litterbox. Instead, you can speak to a cat behavior specialist and get help identifying the underlying causes of your cat’s behavior problems. Housesoiling cats do particularly well with virtual cat behavior help.
  • Biting during play. This cat behavior problem is especially common in young cats, but is no joke. Cat bites are painful and can be scary, especially for children in the home. Getting cat behavior help can help you and your cat play together safely again.
  • Biting during petting. Commonly known as “overstimulation” in the cat behavior world, this is another common and poorly-understood cat behavior problem. These cats need training, exercise, and enrichment. With good help from a cat behavior specialist, this problem is often totally fixable.
  • Fear and hiding. Some kitties are shier than others, and that’s ok. But this common cat behavior problem can mean that it’s hard to bond with or care for your cat. Speaking to a cat behavior specialist can help you help your cat come out of hiding! These cats do extremely well with virtual cat behavior help because they never have to deal with a scary in-home trainer.
  • Cat-cat or cat-dog aggression issues. Introducing two new cats to each other can be extremely slow, difficult, and frustrating. If you’re struggling with two cats who aren’t getting along, speaking to a cat behavior specialist is very helpful. The same goes with issues surrounding cat-dog relationships. Since both of these situations are often related to the environment, we have a high rate of success with virtual cat behavior help.

All of these problems are fixable with help from a professional, but finding a cat behavior specialist near you can be really, really hard. That’s why we started offering virtual cat behavior help. We want to help you deal with your cat’s behavior problems no matter where you live.

Mythbusting from a Cat Behavior Specialist

Let’s deal with one myth right now.

You can train cats.

I promise. I’ve helped train hundreds, if not thousands, of cats just like yours. There’s help out there. Using positive reinforcement techniques, cats can learn to go to their beds (great for cat-cat or cat-dog aggression), touch their nose to an object (great for interrupting a cat who bites during play), touch their nose to your hand (great for scaredy-cats), and much more.

Let’s deal with another myth right now.

You don’t have to “just deal with it” because “that’s how cats are.”

Your cat’s behavior problems don’t have to be for life. Getting better help through virtual cat behavior help is accessible. Schedule your cat behavior help call today and get started.

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