Stop Your Dog’s Mouthing and Nipping – Teach Him to be GENTLE With His Mouth [9/24/18 Training Tuesday]

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  1. I’m watching your video on puppy nipping. We are from Wisconsin and saw that you were originally from here as well. It was just a small, but significant, plus in our draw to your method, your website, your topics, and your training packages. We are very interested in working with you but are trying some of the online things you’ve posted. Our 4-month-old Aussie, Millie, is responding wonderfully to it! Thank you. She is very hyper but is learning to focus after we started using some of your methods. We will be in touch when we are ready to get more hands-on help. Thanks much
    Bobbi Rathert Family
    SW Wisconsin

    1. Post

      What a coincidence! This is one of my first Thanksgivings without my southern Wisconsin family, so I hope you enjoy the Packers Game and inevitable leftovers casserole for me. I’m glad that things are looking up with Millie.

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