Ep. 03: Picking a Breeder with Amber Quann and Megan Wallace

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For episode three of the Pandemic Puppy Podcast, Kayla speaks to Amber Quann of Summit Dog Training and Megan Wallace of Dogs Deciphered about picking a breeder for your next puppy.

There’s not really a right and wrong way to do this, but we’ll cover our top tips for you.

We’re covering picking a shelter and shelter puppy in upcoming episodes, so hang tight if that’s your preference!

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why good breeders matter
    • They’ll be a valuable source of knowledge and education about your dog’s breed.
    • They’ll help you select the right dog food and grooming supplies for your pooch.
    • They can provide a timeline for what to expect during your dog’s puppy years, and may even be able to help troubleshoot training troubles.
    • They’ll help match you with the puppy that’s best suited to your household.
  • Recap of why a breeder might be bet for you: specific needs, goals, shelter scarcity, other preferences hard to fit in a shelter
A photo reference of the Briard breed Megan mentioned

Now remember, everything here is a generality. Some breeders are fabulous but bend these guidelines in places, and that’s ok!

We’re just helping you think about what to look for IN GENERAL.

  1. One litter at a time
  2. Parents on-site and available for meet-and-greets
  3. Puppies raised indoors
  4. Puppy raising program like Puppy Culture, Avidog, or ENS
  5. Working closely with the breeder to select the puppy (not just based on color or “which do you want?”)
  6. Parents over 2 years old
  7. Puppies not available until 8 weeks
  8. Health testing
  9. Not afraid of lots of questions
  10. Waiting lists, pricing, and deposits
  11. Only deal in 1 or 2 breeds (or purpose/mixes)
  12. Willing to take the puppy back
  13. Eager to provide guidance
  14. Proven lines for your goals

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Over the next few episodes, we’ll cover how to pick a puppy from a breeder, selecting a shelter and shelter puppy, and how to prepare for your new puppy!

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