Ep. 04: Picking a Puppy from a Breeder

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For episode four of the Pandemic Puppy Podcast, Kayla speaks to Amber Quann of Summit Dog Training and Megan Wallace of Dogs Deciphered about picking a puppy from a breeder.

We’re covering picking a shelter and shelter puppy in upcoming episodes, so hang tight if that’s your preference!

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Decide what you need, want, can be flexible on, versus don’t care much (Kayla’s list is linked at the bottom of the show notes)
  • The myth that just being a family dog is an easy job for a puppy
  • Different dogs within a litter will differ – not all labs are created equal!
  • It’s not all in how you raise em – choose wisely!
  • Breeder might pair you with puppy, that’s normal
  • Let the breeder weigh in on personalities
  • Provide LOTS of info on goals, lifestyle, needs to help breeder along
    • This is why it can be important to find a breeder who understands and is familiar with the job you might be asking your puppy to do! 
  • Don’t just go with color, but some amount of color preference is ok IF you’re willing to wait; color can also link to health
  • Criteria to consider including your fifestyle factors, job schedules, puppy goals, etc. 
  • For MOST people, go with an average-ish puppy within the litter if the parents are what you like
  • Temperament tests aren’t THAT predictive. Remember, these are moments in time – the breeder has seen much more of their personalities than you can see in these moments. 
  • If you have very specific needs for a puppy, be accepting that the right puppy might not be in this litter. 

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Over the next few episodes, we’ll cover how to pick a puppy from a breeder, selecting a shelter and shelter puppy, and how to prepare for your new puppy!

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