Ep. 06 Preparing for Your New Puppy

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Kayla speaks to Ursa Acree of Canis Major Dog Training in Denver Colorado about preparing to bring your new puppy home. 

Discussed in this Episode:

  • Shopping list (All links go to Chewy.com or Amazon, we get a small payment if you purchase at those links – this funds the podcast and comes at no cost to you).
” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Stain remover and cleaner
  • Training treats (see below for Kayla’s picks)
  • Garage pad floor mats
  • Litter box / puppy pads – if desired
  • Noise making games – check out your local thrift store!
    • Puppy pen 
      • Location
      • What it needs in it
    • Schedule clearing, delegation of tasks for family
    • Housetraining plan
      • Where?
      • How often?
      • Who is responsible?
      • Help from dog walker or other person?
    • Microchip/Vet/groomer fun visits – scheduling vaccinations/puppy kindergarten
    • Training – choose a trainer
    • Socialization checklist – but don’t overdo it the first week
    • Plan to intro existing pets (here’s Kayla’s article on introducing Niffler to Barley)

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